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Himalayan Salt Lamp Prosperity Bowl XL White Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Medium Himalayan Salt Inhaler Moldavite incense sticks
Himalayan Salt Air Inhaler
Sale Price: $29.95


Natural Himalayan Prosperity Bowl XL 10.5 to 14 lbs. generates a relaxing warm soft glow to any room. Very elegant for dining room tables, bedrooms or anywhere your heart desires. The lit bulb warms the salt and produces refreshing and air cleaning negative ions that also protect against EMFs.

White Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp - Medium is 7"-9" tall - 5.5 to 8lbs and helps to cleanse the air and protect against EMF's the same way as regular Himalayan Salt Lamps. Unique and rare white salt lamp crystal also looks great with colored bulbs.

Himalayan Salt Inhalers are recommended by Dr. Oz! Reusable, Refillable, Breathe Easy Inhaler comes with 50g of Himalayan Salt and is ready to use.

Moldavite Incense 20 Sticks. This special blend contains the essence of Moldavite. It was created specially to compliment Moldavite energies.

Zen Hand-Carved Soapstone Oil Burner Medium Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Crystal Singing Bowl - C# OM Chakra Shambala incense sticks
Sleek Basin Oil Warmer
Sale Price: $9.95

Sleek Basin Oil Burner. With its dark frame contrasted by pale geometric porcelain basins, this oil warmer speaks volumes to visitors about your exquisite taste in fine design. Add your favorite scented oil and candle, and then bask in the sleek and stylish ambiance it creates.

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp - Medium is 7"-9" tall - 5.5 to 8lbs and warmed up with the lit bulb so that healthful negative ions lift off from the surface, helping to cleanse the air and protect against EMF's.

Striker Wand and O-Ring Included. Free shipping within the contiguous U.S. The Om Chakra is the source for Harmony and the highest expression of consciousness.The vibration of Om is said to be that of our primordial sound, the sound which began all of creation. Coming into resonance with the sound of Om is thought to bring one into the seat of their divine being.

This Shambala Tibetan Incense is created by Tibetan monks in India. A special blend of sacred herbs and other precious ingredients makes for the perfect incense to use in sacred purification and meditation prayers and mantras. Contains saffron, nutmeg, cardamom and sai dhoop.

The OM Shoppe Health and Wellness Products

The OM Shoppe is a leading provider of crystal singing bowls, Himalayan salt products, meditation accessories and organic essential oil and aromatherapy products and for relaxation, stress relief and healthy living. The OM Shoppe fully subscribes to the belief that natural health and wellness products can add quality and vitality to the health and lives of our valued customers.

The wide variety of product choices offered are all carefully tried and tested. The OM Shoppe does this to ensure that all products will be met with the highest of desired results and satisfaction for their intended uses. The OM Shoppe searches far and wide to find the highest quality and most effective relaxation and health and wellness products available.

The company’s goal is to provide high quality, safe and intelligent health improvement and maintenance products at the lowest prices. To supplement this goal, The OM Shoppe also offers free shipping within the contiguous United States on orders over $49.99 and no-hassle return policy.