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Allergy Easer Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade RESPIRATION Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend Citrus Bliss Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade
Aromatherapy Sampler
Reg Price: $16.95


Allergy Easer is especially helpful with hay fever and other allergic reactions, including skin irritations. May also relieve symptoms of asthma and over-sensitivity of the nervous system.

The Aromatherapy Sampler contains : Ten 1-ml vials with the following essential oils: Lavender Extra, Balsam Fir, Pink Grapefruit, Organic Himalayan Cedar, Organic Sweet Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rose Geranium, Frankincense CO2, Spruce, Hemlock and Ylang Ylang Complete.

These essential oils are all therapeutic grade.

Citrus Bliss is a celestial, sunny blend for a pure and happy heart. This blend is like sunshine--it's the best antidote for a gloomy day. This synergy has a slight phototoxic effect and therefore should not be used as massage oil.

Deep Rest Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade Mental Energizer Essential Oil - 10 ml RESPIRATION Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend
Synergy Blends Sampler
Reg Price: $17.95

Deep Rest is calming. Facilitates relaxation and sleep; may be used night or day for relief from stress.

Mental Energizer
optimizes mental performance, energizes the body, clarifies the mind and increases concentration and memory.

The Synergy Blends Sampler is a selection of our most popular therapeutic blends. Ten 1-ml vials with the following: A Woman's Balance, Allergy Easer, Citrus Bliss, Deep Rest, Headache Reliever, Mandarine Sunset, Mental Energizer, Pure Joy, Respiration and Sweet Restoration

These essential oils are all therapeutic grade.