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Shungite Cell Phone Plate Shungite Cell Phone Plates

Shungite is considered an excellent source of protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwaves, TV's, cell phones, etc.

Reg Price: $11.00
EMF Protection Lap Top and Appliance Shield

Scientists estimate that the average daily exposure to EMF radiation is 100 million times higher than it was in previous generations.Our laptop EMF shielding device is encoded with more than 200 frequencies that can help balance your bodily systems.

Reg Price: $38.95
Sale Price: $38.95
Smart Meter Shield Smart Guard Shield for Smart Meters

The Smart Guard™ is a Shield that is applied to any electric/water or gas box that contains a Smart Meter. The Smart Guard Shield™ is made from a non-toxic plant based resin using nano crystalline technology and is embedded & encoded with over 230+ resonant frequencies that harmonize the hazardous Radio Frequencies which are pulsating from the Smart Meter.

Reg Price: $49.00
EMF Protection - Key Ring

The Key Ring Shield encodes the energy field around you and increases vitality and contributes to your general well being.

Reg Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $79.95

EMF Protection - House Shield

Safe~Connect Plus+ House Shields soften and reformat the electrical emissions with 200+ encoded balancing frequencies for home or office!

Reg Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $89.95