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Spiritual Awakening Essential Oil (synergy blend) - 10 ml
Spiritual Awakening Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade

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This Spiritual Awakening synergy blend will stimulate your spiritual senses with Frankincense, while keeping you peaceful and grounded with Sandalwood and Cedarwood. Made with 100% pure therapeutic quality essential oils. Use for anointing before meditation, or add a few drops to your favorite candle lit oil burners.

Frankincense has been used as a holy oil for a powerful spiritual awakening since the times of ancient Egypt and the Sumerians. It is believed to help stimulate and open the pituitary gland, allowing for greater spiritual insights and connection to spirit during meditation. It is also believed to help dissipate any aspects of the ego that hold us back from greater awareness of our spirit selves. Frankincense is used for spiritual protection as is Sandalwood. Its ability to open the crown chakra is believed to help drop the higher energy bodies down into alignment in the physical. Its frequency helps to open the upper chakras and its corresponding color is gold.

Sandalwood is said to carry very high spiritual vibrations, blending well in this manor with Frankincense. It is commonly used for clearing away negative energies and bringing about states of spiritual and physical well-being. It’s believed to help bring ones attention towards contemplating the mysteries of life and opening the ability to be more in tune with ones guardian angels. Its frequency also helps to bring the chakras into alignment.

Cedar Atlas is a healing oil, excellent for purifying as it cleanses away mental, emotional and physical blockages and toxins. Cedar Atlas is a favorite for meditation as it draws in earth energies to help with staying grounded. This oil has an extraordinary ability to balance and stabilize energies for greater ease and flow. Often used for attracting peace, abundance and happiness, Cedar Atlas compliments any synergystic blend perfectly.
Synergy means that when certain elements are combined, all of their properties become amplified and more powerful. This certainly is the case with our Spiritual Awakening blend.

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