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Meteor Showers and Their Spiritual Meaning

person looking at the expanse of the universe blog for the om shoppe about the spirtual meaning of meteorsUpdated Feb 2021:

A meteor shower is a celestial event where a number of meteors are observed in one point in the sky. Interestingly, most meteors are smaller than a grain of sand!

So how does one see them and what do they mean spiritually? Most of them disintegrate and never hit the earth’s surface. There are thirteen meteor showers to catch in 2021. Some star gazers report seeing a thousand meteors per hour during these amazing events. Most meteor showers are best seen after midnight until just before twilight.

However, you probably caught a small piece of meteor burning up as it entered earths atmosphere. These are often called shooting stars. Lucky you! As Luis Alvarez determined, from layers of dust and a big hole in Mexico, that one of the things that finished off the dinosaurs was something dropping from the sky.

The spiritual meaning behind meteor showers started in ancient times. Objects or lights in the sky were associated with Gods or had a religious meaning. Specifically, seeing a meteor suggested that a gift was given by heaven. It often represented a mystery coming from some incredible force larger than ourselves, the cosmos. A meteor represented awareness of recognition of something beyond our present experience. Some see it as a soul or spirit. Whatever one imagines it as, tends to become their reality.

If you were one of the blessed ones to catch a glimpse of a shooting star or meteor, take advantage of the universal message with this easy crystal meditation.

    1. Choose a crystal preferabbly a third eye crystal like Fluorite.fluorite rough close up view
    2. Find a comfortable place to practice introspection of the event. You may enjoy using a singing bowl to relax deeper.
    3. After a few deep calming breaths while holding your crysal let your eyes close down and turn inward.
    4. Imagine reliving the experience as if seeing the shooting star through your third eye.
    5. As you do, ask yourself this quesiton. What does seeing this unique cosmic event help me remember about myself?
    6. Allow your intuition to rise inside you and trust what you sense is the answer. Thank the universe for shairing this special event with you and for the message received.
    7. When you are ready allow your eyes to open and take a few deep cleansing breaths. Look at your crystal and realize this experience is now encoded in it. Anytime you need to feel more connected to the universe and divine wisdom do this excercise.

Currently, many cultures consider meteor showers to have supernatural powers. They represent the energy of other worlds. They remind us that we are only guests on this planet, just ask the dinosaurs.

Seeing these meteor showers is exciting as we become a part of history in the sky. Grab a blanket or a comfortable chair and go to a place where there are no visual obstructions and watch the majestic celestial fireworks.relaxing with headphones on hammock

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Happy star gazing from The Om Shoppe Gang #tuneupyourhappy

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4 thoughts on “Meteor Showers and Their Spiritual Meaning

  1. Eddie Prehoden says:

    I am excited to begin the experience to heal and make awareness to the essence of the ultimate reality 🕉 432 Hz

  2. Jay Stanley Alben says:

    A small rock fell from the sky in front of early part of August at 750 am
    It’s kinda of beige in color and weighs 34 grams and is two inches long and about inch & half high ! I was curious as to the meaning of this whole event !

    • The OM Shoppe says:

      Hi Jay,

      Wow that is really neat. We hope you enjoy the meditation on this page and find what the meaning is for you. Happy star gazing!

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