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Primarily it is found in Russia with rare reports of its being found elsewhere around the globe, Shungite has been reportedly used in medical and water cleansing since the 18th century.

What makes Shungite so unique among mineraloids is its very high carbon content. In fact, Shungite actually produces its own electrical current! It’s this unique property that allows it to supercharge water and interact directly with the body’s bio-energy field.

Shungite is classified based on its carbon content and luster. There are many metaphysical benefits of shungite including enhancing spiritual growth, aiding in sleep and improving overall energy levels. Discover just the right shape and size for your needs below.

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1st - Root Chakra

Shungite Bead Bracelet


1st - Root Chakra

Shungite Pyramid


1st - Root Chakra

Shungite Stone Smooth


1st - Root Chakra

Shungite Stone Tumbled