6″ Idiopan Drum(s)


Tunable Idiopan sapphire blue or ruby red 6″ drum with mallets.  

The Bella Idiopan 6-inch 6-note tunable steel tongue drum comes tuned to the G Major pentatonic scale in 440Hz (G4 A4 B4 D5 E5 G5). Includes: a drawstring bag, a pair of mallets and a display ring.

Idiopans are magical instruments immediately creating a sense of wonder and calm.  They are also great for sound healers & musicians to add more layer and texture to treatments and projects. These 6″ idiopans are great for children and adults alike and make a fun family activity for all. This drum may be smaller but it provides great resonance sound through the amplification opening on the bottom.

Group shot various steel tongue and idiopan drums
6″ Idiopan Drum(s)