Crystal Singing Bowl – A# Soul Star Chakra – 16″ Diameter


Sample CSB, A# 3rd Octave (p35)
Sample CSB, A# 4th Octave (m25)

Comes with O-Ring And Striker Wand. Free shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. This Chakra is the link between our eternal soul and our incarnated self. When this Chakra starts to open we begin to understand that we are eternal souls within a temporary body. Often then, as this Chakra opens, we feel a strong need to realign ourselves and to finally start to do what we somehow know we are here to do.

***All bowls measured in 440hz. We are happy to measure in 432hz or other measurement standards as per your request. We are here to help & available to consult in choosing the perfect instrument to fit into your set or as a stand alone bowl. The audio sample provided is a typical tone for the size and note. Exact frequency and octave may vary slightly. Reach out by email or call us directly and we are happy to play your bowl for you before shipping and/or give you exact octave and frequency availability. We also offer free 30-minute phone consultations to help you decide. For detailed consultation for musicians and sound therapists we offer advanced consultation with our Musical Director for a nominal fee. 941.706.3257

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