Crystal Tuning Fork(s) With Case


Crystal Singing Tuning Forks emanate a pure, gentle frequency. In harmonic healing the vibration is focused and direct. Magnificent energy conductor. Great for focus work on specific areas of the body, and chakra clearing.

Carry Case Included

Expand or begin your journey into healing vibrations with a powerful crystal tuning fork. Delightful when used directly on the body or near the ear(s) to create a bi-neural beat. Start with one and build your collection to include a full diatonic scale. Crystal Tuning Forks make great companions for Crystal Singing Bowls and Metal Tuning Forks. Perfect for the serious sound healing professional and a wonderful first step for at home work on a specific condition or intention.

THEOMSHOPPE CSB Crystal Tuning Fork(s) With Case
Crystal Tuning Fork(s) With Case