Essential Oil Room Mist


C& G Essential Oil Room Mist

Use these Pure Essential Oil Room Mists to freshen up your space naturally!

These C& G Air Spray Room & Linen mists are presented in frosted glass bottles with silver fine-mist sprayer, and come in 3 delightful aromas:

Lavender Garden: Take a deep breath in a lavender garden. Beautiful and relaxing. With amethyst crystals.

Breathe: A room and linen spray with essential oils of Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Pine, and a touch of Lavender to round out the scent. It’s like a walk in the forest for a breath of fresh air. With Peridot crystals

White Sage “Clean Energy”: When burning sage for smudging is not an option, spray Clean Energy White Sage Hydrosol around room perimeter to cleanse. Clean Energy White Sage Hydrosol includes Rose Quartz crystals to boost the positive energy of the hydrosol. To personalize, add a few drops of your own essential oils. Shake before spraying.

Available in 4 oz & 2 oz, or search our products for pocket-sized sprays.

THEOMSHOPPE CSB Essential Oil Room Mist
Essential Oil Room Mist