Major Chord Three Crystal Singing Bowl Set


Harmony Major Chord Three Bowl Crystal Singing Bowl Set

This powerful three crystal singing bowl set of crystal singing bowls are ideal for inviting harmony into your life.This bowl combination is powerful in triggering nitric oxide production to deeply relax us to our very core, serve as a meditation anchor, and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

8″ C 5m30

10″ E 4m15

10″ G 4m30

**All bowls include o-ring and rubber striker(s).

Frequency Selection: We measure the exact frequency (in cents) of every brand new quartz crystal singing bowl with a precise orchestral tuner. All bowls are tested using the musical standard of tuning, A = 440Hz.

We are happy to provide the frequency accuracy (in cents) of your bowl using the A = 432Hz standard of tuning, upon request.

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three crystal singing bowls on brown rug being played with silocone striker by woman in blue skirt at the om shoppe
Major Chord Three Crystal Singing Bowl Set