OM Shamanic Sound Journey Reservations


What makes the OM Shamanic Sound JourneyTM different than other Sound Bath/ Sound Journey experiences?
Besides having a guided imagery and hypnosis induction (performed by our certified clinical hypnotherapist), Shamanic Sound Journeys at the OM are very intentionally composed to take one deep into an exploration of their inner world.

A group of experienced sound therapy practitioners and professional musicians use various rhythmic and melodic elements designed to lower your brainwaves into a theta state and keep you in a light trance. Their musical expertise inspires a whole voyage of imagery and invites resolution as they bring you back to conscious waking reality.

Each composition is based on ancient shamanic techniques that have been used for centuries and updated with the latest in mind-body and neuroscience research.

With the powerful intention of unconditional love, guided imagery, and waves of sonic channeling, you will be gently entrained into a state of deep calm, setting the tone for the expansion of consciousness, and triggering the body’s relaxation response and self-healing capacity.

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OM Shamanic Sound Journey Reservations