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7 Major Chakras

Root Chakra |   Feel More Grounded
Sacral Chakra |  Creativity & Passion
Solar Plexus Chakra | Feel More Empowered
Heart Chakra | Create More Love In My Life
Throat Chakra | Speak More Truth & Freely
Third Eye Chakra  | Unlock Psychic Ability
Crown Chakra | Connect To Higher Wisdom

Subtle Body Chakras

Om Chakra | Cleanse Negative Energies From Spaces
High Sacral Chakra | Integration of Spiritual & Physical Self
High Heart / Thymus Chakra | Foster Spiritual and Physical Balance in Life
Zeal / Soul Chakra  | Multidiimensional Communication & Clairvoyance
Pineal / Soul Star Chakra | Release Negative Karmic Patterns, Prepare for Greater Ascention and Divine Guidance

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Perhaps you are working on a specific area of focus in your life or meditation practice. Setting a clear intention in life is the key to unlocking our deepest potential. The energy centers or chakras in our bodies are often out of balance when we are struggling with behaviours, feelings, health or habits.

By focusing on intention and working directly with sound you can bring yourself into more harmonious energetic balance.

There are many ways to use your pure crystal singing bowls to help support your intentions and bring alignment to your chakras. The easiest is, of course, to simply play them!

We also recommend setting aside as little as 5 minutes in the morning and evening. Stand or sit in a quiet place, perhaps in front of an altar you’ve set up, and simply play your bowl, keeping it close to you so you can feel the vibration.

Think of it as a meditation and opportunity to practice non-attachment. Allow any thoughts that come in as you play to simply float away.

You can always incorporate powerful visualizations as you envision all your cells vibrating in alignment with your bowl.

Crystal Singing Bowls Help to Balance Your Seven Primary Chakras

Within the human body, there are believed to be seven energy centers, known as the seven primary chakras. The concept of chakras dates back as far as 1,000 B.C. and while the origins are based in Hinduism, the understanding of chakras and the significance of these energy centers, has crossed several cultures and continents.

The seven chakras allow energy to flow through your body. The ability for this energy to flow unobstructed is essential to your good health and well-being. There are a number of ways to help keep your chakras in balance and working optimally, including use of pure, organic essential oils and meditation.

But one of the most effective ways of keeping your chakras in balance is the use of Crystal Singing Bowls. These bowls are known by many names–including singing crystal bowls, crystal healing bowl, and meditation bowls–but all refer to special crystal bowl that, when struck or rubbed with a mallet, emit a note on the musical scale. Each chakra is also associated with a specific note on the musical scale, allowing you to use a singing bowl to address imbalances with corresponding chakras.

Avoiding imbalance and obstruction of these energy centers is vital. When any of the chakras become out of balance, or even blocked, you are at increased risk for illness, fatigue, anxiety, and a host of potentially negative impacts to your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Understanding the chakras and the notes associated with each one allows you address these symptoms in a natural, safe and holistic way.

What does the size of the bowl mean?

The size of the bowl does not effect its therapeutic abilities.

The inch diameter of the bowl determines its octave (not the note or chakra). An octave is a sound wave vibration in the hertz scale.

A larger bowl has a slower sound wave and a lower pitch. A smaller bowl has a faster sound wave and a higher pitch.

We keep bowl sizes from 8″ – 20″ inches in stock. Larger sizes are available for special order.

Choosing a note

The note corresponds to a chakra and affects the pitch as well – C being the lowest, up through the scale (C,D,E,G,F,A,B), with B being the highest.

We encourage you to browse the descriptions below to find the bowl you’re looking for.

If you’re not sure where to start, contact us or give us a call! We love helping our customers find just the bowl they need.

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Chakra Notes

Note: C
1st Chakra: Root
Intention: Stability, Grounding, Prosperity, Health

The Root Chakra governs our stability, grounding and trust in the world.

When out of balance you may experience fear, anxiety, chronic disorganization and feel lazy or sluggish. When our Root is out of balance some common physical ailments may include bowel and intestinal issues, depression and immune related disorders.

Opening and balancing the Root Chakra with Note C along with other self care techniques allows you to enjoy more vitality, safety and security and the ability to deeply relax into your place in the world.


C | Root Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls

2 Bowl Chakra Set- Inner Vision Harmony Set


Note: D
2nd Chakra: Sacral
Intention: Improved Creativity & Passion

Our Sacral Chakra governs our creativity, inspiration and sexuality.

When out of balance you may experience emotional dependency, obsessive attachment, social anxiety and frustration. Common ailments associated with an unbalanced Sacral Chakra are ob/gyn issues, reproductive issues, urinary system and either lack of desire or becoming oversexualized.

Creating balance in your Sacral Chakra brings more creativity, connection, pleasure and healthy boundaries into your life.


Note: E
3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus
Intention: Empowerment and Vitality

Our Solar Plexus Chakra governs our strength, spontaneity, will and sympathetic nervous system.

When out of balance you may experience aggressiveness, dominance and a desire to be in control. Alternately, you could feel weak, have poor self esteem with persistent feelings of being a victim. Common physical imbalances manifest as digestive disorders, ulcers, intestinal issues or liver, pancreas and stomach issues.

Creating a harmonious balance in your Solar Plexus Chakra with Note E opens you up to enjoy more tranquility, inner harmony, self acceptance and confidence.


Note: F
4th Chakra: Heart
Intention: Manifest More Love in Your Life

Our Heart Chakra governs stability, trust and our heart.

When out of balance it is said our heart may be closed and you may experience jealousy, possessiveness, depression, loneliness and poor boundaries with others. Common physical imbalances manifest as heart, lung and circulation disorders.

Balancing your heart chakra with note F work allows you to experience more compassion, love, self-love, peace and a strong and vital immune system


Note: G
5th Chakra: Throat
Intention: Speak Truth More Freely

Our Throat Chakra governs communication and creativity.

When out of balance you may experience defensiveness, gossiping, stuttering, fear of speaking and shyness. Common physical imbalance manifestations include sore throat, mouth ulcers, thyroid issues and headaches.

Creating more harmonious balance in your throat chakra allows you to communicate clearly, speak your deepest truth, be more expressive and creative.


Note: A
6th Chakra: Third Eye
Intention: Develop & Nurture Psychic Abilities

Our Third Eye Chakra governs psychic perception, imagination and accurate interpretation.

When out of balance you may experience delusions, difficulty concentrating, headaches and poor memory.  Common physical imbalances can manifest as eye and ear issues, sinus and neurological disturbances. Creating more harmonious balance in your Third Eye Chakra nurtures your intuitive abilities, improves memory and imagination.


Note: B
7th Chakra: Crown
Intention: Connect to Higher Wisdom

Our Crown Chakra is our connection to knowledge, expanded consciousness and wisdom.

When out of balance you may experience a feeling of being lost, confused, anxious and apathetic to life. Common physical imbalances manifest as low energy, depression, migraines, sensitivity to light and chronic exhaustion.

Creating harmonious energetic flow in your Crown allows you to enjoy more spiritual connection, thoughtfulness, and the ability to assimilate information more readily.

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Subtle Body Chakra Notes

Note: C#
Subtle Body: Om Chakra
Intention: Cleanse Negative Energies From Spaces

Om 3136.1 Hz low C sharp is the primordial sound of the Universe.

Monks chant OM at the beginning of meditation to connect with Source and All of Creation. It is a powerful mantra and sound vibration. The Om chakra, considered the Eighth Chakra, resides below the feet as part of the astral body. Playing the Om Chakra crystal singing bowl creates a feeling of universal communion and oneness with source. It’s also an excellent note for clearing and charging ALL of the 7 primary chakras.

Its high vibration is also the perfect tool for clearing negative energies from homes.