The Divine Masculine

Are we neglecting the masculine side of ourselves and failing to cultivate the divine masculine within and in our societies? A simple internet search or # search will quickly reveal that yes we are. As hundreds of results turn up for sisterhood, divine feminine, goddess and a plethora of resources for nurturing the sacred feminine the same is not true for the divine masculine.Yet, what is the difference between the divine feminine and the divine masculine? These energies are not in competition with each other, yet when lovingly and consciously cultivated are present in all of us regardless of how we identify our gender. It is stated that, “Male energy is direct and projects outward with decisive, positive action; it secures, strengthens, and “has a giving nature.” Female energy, on the other hand, is cyclical. It’s directed inward, it nurtures and assures, and it “has a receiving nature”

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Bringing balance to these two energetic forces within us helps create more personal balance and wholeness. So why is the divine masculine not getting the same attention as it’s counterpart? The answer lies in history and the destruction that has been caused and is still perpetrated by out of balance aggressive and arrogant collective male energy that has caused and continues to cause great suffering in our world.

Spiritually mature and balanced men are vital to healing our collective consciousness and ascending the whole of mankind to a new level of love and understanding. Healing ourselves regardless of gender by returning to our core state of balance and peace is where that larger collective mission begins. Both the divine masculine and feminine are gifts from our creator. It is our personal responsibility to examine the shadows that keep these energetic forces within us suppressed or disinhibited.

Confronting the wounds and shadows that keep you from enjoying all that the divine masculine has to offer in you ultimately leaves you living a less than self-actualized life. Your divine masculine energy is the part of you that helps you move forward and accomplish things. If we are to shed the patriarchal influence and co-create a world of peace, joy and love then all genders must begin to take personal responsibility for coming to peace with and understanding how to balance their masculine energy.

How do I balance my divine masculine?

If you are prepared to nurture this part of yourself and no longer perpetuate the fragmentation of our collective consciousness then read on for some steps you can take right now.


Step 1: Intention

As with all things your intention must be first. Before there is anything there is intention. Take some time to answer the following questions.

    • When I think of masculine energy it makes me immediately feel?
    • What is my history of relationships with men and male energy?
    • Do I hold any preconceived notions or prejudices about male energy?
    • Is there something I am not forgiving myself or another person for that involves male energy?
    • When my masculine and feminine energies are balanced I can feel more?

Step 2: Becoming present

Ocean Drum Natural Remo 16 inch, front viewWith the information above take some time to enter a meditative state. We recommend using a crystal singing bowl or tibetan bowl to ground yourself. Note G is often considered helpful in finding your voice both internal and external. Drumming is another wonderful way to awaken and get in touch with your male energies. You are preparing to ask your subconscious for something and to create personal change so take the time to create a sacred space for yourself.

Repeat in your mind as you strike the singing bowl the following..

I open up to my subconscious mind to reveal to me what I need, to allow my sacred masculine energy to be healed.

Allow yourself time to sit quietly and listen. Perhaps something will come to you immediately or maybe later in a dream. Be patient and allow the process to unfold.

Step 3: Craft your intention

Review your answers from step one, contemplate on your meditative experience and craft a single sentence that guides your intention for nurturing your sacred masculine energy. It may be something such as follows..

“I now accept and release any negative thoughts, feelings or actions surrounding my masculine nature. I forgive myself and others fully and am grounded in creating more energetic balance within myself, knowing that is my personal responsibility to bring more wholeness to the collective consciousness.”

Step 4: Small changes create sweeping changes

You are more clear now on your personal approach to nurturing your masculine energies. Keep it simple and chunk it down, tiny habits create big changes in our lives. So start by sitting with your intention in a loving and kind way for just a few minutes each day. Do what feels right for you in the following way… Journal and become more aware of how you are over using or shying away from your masculine side, sit in meditation with your intention, review step one on occasion and see what is changing, visualize yourself more balanced each day, practice self hypnosis and incorporate sound healing into your daily self care practice. Most importantly, be kind to yourself and allow yourself space to explore and create personal change.

Your masculine energy gifts await

Projecting forward into the future, giving to others and becoming more decisive in your actions while feeling strong and secure are all gifts awaiting you from your sacred masculine.Nurture these gifts in love and understanding and enjoy the benefits of honoring your masculine energy.

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