The Ultimate Guide to Clearing Your Chakras With Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls For chakra clearing

Want to learn how to use your crystal singing bowl or crystal singing bowl set to clear and recharge your chakras? You can use The Ultimate Guide to Clearing Your Chakras with Crystal Singing Bowls below for your own personal use or to prepare for your chakra balancing sound bath or your guided chakra meditation sessions. Whether you have worked with your chakras before or not, these pointers will help you get started or expand your practice. 

Why Use Sound for Chakra Balancing?

More and more scientific research is showing how sound can positively affect our immune, endocrine, and autonomic nervous system. And though it is a truly ancient practice, with cultures all over the world and across time using it as a means to enhance wellness (mental, physical, and spiritual), sound and music as a therapeutic form for wellness and transformation is just beginning to resurface in Western Culture.  

Sound enters the healing equation from several directions: it may alter cellular functions through energetic effects; it may entrain biological systems to function more homeostatically; it may calm the mind and therefore the body; or it may have emotional effects, which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, which in turn help to regulate the immune systemthe healer within.

-Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center

Sound can also be a strong visual stimulator, which makes it pair beautifully with guided imagery and other journey-based meditations. In fact, because of its amazing influence on the body and mind, soothing sounds, like crystal singing bowls, can greatly enhance the effects of many therapeutic practices. 

How Singing Bowls Pair With Various Meditation Techniques

crystal painted singing bowlsCrystal singing bowls, in particular, are especially valuable tools to use with many forms of meditation. This is because they involve active listening, and can be used as a form of active meditation, themselves. Besides this, crystal singing bowls have a pulse (a form of vibrato) based on the pressure that we give it, and that can help entrain our brains into a lower brainwave state to invite deep meditation.

When was the last time you played your crystal singing bowl for a long time in one sitting? After a few minutes of intentional bowl playing, you may have inevitably found yourself losing a sense of your surroundings and falling into a meditative calm. Congratulations! You successfully used your singing bowl as a meditation anchor. 

Crystal singing bowls can be used to: 

  • Act as a powerful meditation anchor (focus) in simple Breathwork Meditations,
  • Strengthen visualizations for Guided Imagery Meditation
  • Provide a key center or base pitch for Mantra Meditations, Music Meditations (both active and passive), and Vocal Toning, and  
  • Set the tone for Intention-based Meditations (i.e., loving-kindness meditation, or gratitude meditation) 

How to Clear & Charge Your Chakras With Singing Bowls

What Singing Bowl Should I Use for Which Chakra?

In the West, we have developed a simple system of 7 tones that correspond to the 7 primary Chakras. (These are loosely based on texts based on the Western Vedic traditions, as there were no standardized tuners back when the Vedic texts were written, and the Indian scale has more notes than our Western ears are accustomed to.)

Here is a chart for each primary chakra and its corresponding musical note, seed syllable, sacred vowel sound, and intention.

Our Gift to You! Free Download: Chakra Balancing Chart pdfchakra balancing chart

How do I use a Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl Set?

If you are interested in doing a full 7-chakra clearing session, we’ve just made your life easier! We now carry complete 7-bowl primary chakra sets! Keep checking our selections, because every set we carry is unique!

Of course, you can clear and charge all your chakras even if you only have a single crystal singing bowl or a 2- or 3-bowl set. But it definitely is a powerful trigger to help us visualize and feel our progress through the chakras, when we can start with one crystal singing bowl, and move to a bowl higher in pitch every time we move to the next chakra. 

3 Ways to Clear Your Chakras With Singing Bowls 

The 3 main ways to clear your chakras with Crystal Singing Bowls are:

1. The Visualization Method

2. The Mantra Method 

3. The Vocal Toning Method

The 7 Steps to Cleanse and Energize Your Chakras with Your Singing Bowl 

1. Pick one of the Methods mentioned above.

throat chakra bowl

2. If you are clearing your own chakras:

Sit on your favorite, comfortable bolster/meditation pillow to help raise your hips and allow you to sit for a longer period of time without cramping. Your bowl should be directly in front of you.

If you are performing a chakra clearing session on others:

Have them sit with their spine straight on a bolster/meditation pillow of choice. Or better yet, have them lay down in a zero-gravity chair or on a yoga mat or blanket, with an eye mask to stimulate the 3rd eye and block out external visual distractions. 

3. Test out your chakras using the vocal toning method or any other method you prefer (i.e., pendant testing, singing bowl, bell, or tuning fork scanning, chakra awareness method, or other method of choice).

4. Pick the corresponding singing bowls for the chakra(s) you would like to work on (refer to our quick & easy FREE downloadable chart or for a more in-depth look, see our guide to choosing bowls by intention).

5. Set your intention (i.e., to clear and energize the chakras, or to invite love or gratitude to flow, to be an open channel for the sound to harmonize the body, etc.) This is especially important if you are performing this on another individual or group, as it sets the tone and primes the participant(s) for transformation. 

6. Strike (gently) the first singing bowl in a pattern. (We like to use 3 light taps to represent mind, body, and spirit.) Then, bring awareness to your breath, as you stroke and sustain the bowl. Focus on the sound of the bowl and now, follow the instructions for the method you chose.

7. Repeat Step 6 with each of the other chakra/singing bowl combinations. 


-If you only have one bowl, that’s ok! Just use that singing bowl for the duration of the entire meditation. 

-If you are trying to clear all your chakras, you do not have to start at the root. You may start on your weakest chakras, or on the corresponding first note of your chakra set. (Not every chakra singing bowl set starts with or emphasizes “C”/ Root Chakra.)

How to Use the Visualization Method

1. As you focus on the tones and sound waves coming from your crystal singing bowl, imagine a serene place of nature

chakra balancing

2. Once you have chosen what it is, awaken your 5 senses, and allow your imagination to picture the color, texture, feel, taste, and smell of this place. 

3. Now that you have created this place for yourself,  bring your attention to the first chakra you are starting with. Envision a ball of color, specifically the corresponding chakra color (based on the chart above or the color you typically associate with that chakra) emanating from inside the crystal singing bowl. Or you may wish to visualize the sun or moon’s energy or an intention (such as love), or a sensation (such as warmth), emanating from the bowl.

4. Stay with this image and explore it, then, imagine that energy or sensation filling up and “charging” the location of your chakra center in a clockwise circle.

5. If you have a practitioner handle bowl, you may  circle the singing bowl in a clockwise manner pointing directly at the chakra center. If you do not have a handle bowl, just play it in front of you in a clockwise manner.

 6. Take as long as your intuition guides you on each chakra, until it feels light and energized.

7. Repeat for all the chakras. 

How to Use the Mantra Method

1. As you focus on the tones and sound waves coming from your crystal singing bowl, sound the seed syllable for each note out loud (see the chart above for the corresponding chakra seed syllables) and keep repeating silently or out loud. 

Note: You can use any other mantra of your choice for each chakra, as long as it corresponds to each chakra’s intention. 

2. Take as long as your intuition guides you on each chakra, until it feels light and energized.

3. Repeat for all the chakras.

How to Use the Vocal Toning Method

1. As you focus on the tones and sound waves coming from your crystal singing bowl, sound the sacred vowel sound for each note out loud (see the chart above for the corresponding chakra vowel sounds) and keep repeating silently or out loud. 

Note: You can use any sacred vowel sound from other traditions that correspond to each chakra’s intention. 

2. Take as long as your intuition guides you on each chakra, until it feels light and energized.

3. Repeat for all the chakras.

Other Vibrational Medicine Tools to Use With Your Singing Bowls

Along with the sound of your crystal singing bowls, you can also set the mood and tone for a deeper meditation with blends of essential oils, himalayan salt lamps, and intention-based crystals (all found in our shop). These may seem like insignificant additions, but the power of intention to trigger a response in our subconscious mind can be a surprising and amazing phenomena!

Do you want to go more in-depth on chakra cleansing with singing bowls, or are interested in easy ways to use your singing bowls at home? Are you interested in how to use your singing bowl for sound baths, sound journeys, meditations, yoga classes, or music-making? Sign up for our FREE introductory Sound Healing Course, and stay tuned for upcoming workshops, webinars and course material beginning this Fall!

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