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Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps can enhance general well being, health and wellness through the characteristics of ionization (cleaning the air), electromagnetic oscillation (EMF protection), and light waves emitted through the transparent crystalline structure (light therapy). Our natural Himalayan Salt Lamps deliver extensive benefits, and they look beautiful in any space.

All Himalayan Salt Lamps for sale by The OM Shoppe use salt that has been mined by hand, where the use of explosives is strictly prohibited. This ensures that the Himalayan Salt Lights remain pure and the crystalline structure is preserved.

In addition to offering the highest quality Himalayan salt crystal lamps and salt lights, The OM Shoppe also offers the best value with Free Shipping on orders over $99* within the contiguous United States.

Whether this is your first Himalayan Salt Product or you’ve been enjoying the beauty and benefits of Salt Lamps, one thing is certain… quality matters!

We work very hard to bring you the highest quality, consciously mined and most beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Our salt lamps come directly from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan where they’re hand mined from deep underground salt mines. Many mass produced, cheaper salt lamps are mined via explosives which not only causes more extensive damage to the surrounding area and poses unnecessary danger to the workers, but also compromises the integrity of the salts crystalline structure.

We have carefully selected our suppliers to ensure the salt lamps we offer are of the highest quality and integrity.

Protected from moisture, sealed and wrapped for their journey to you, all Pure Himalayan Salt Lamps are securely attached to a beautiful rosewood base for long lasting beauty and effectiveness. The spring loaded cord that you receive with your Om Shoppe Salt Lamp is metal and not an inexpensive or dangerous plastic.

1.The quality of the salt is the driving factor when comparing or shopping. There are many mines in Pakistan that offer varying or low grades of salt. You will notice this right away when comparing lamps or other salt products. Many mines in Pakistan are not mining pure crystal salt and are in fact using less desireable rock salt from the top of the mountains. We get our salt from a trusted and vetted source, so you can be assured your salt is coming from deep in the crystal salt mines underground. Don’t be fooled by cheaper lamps as they are likely is not of the same quality as an Om Shoppe Himalayan Salt Lamp.

2. Craftsmanship is the next factor to examine. Inferior lamps or rock salt product, often have bases made of inexpensive wood. The bore holes may be too small for lights. Often they are not sturdy and tilt or lean to one side. We recommend doing your homework and not buying purely based on the lowest price. An Om Shoppe Himalayan Salt Lamp is equipped with a beautiful rose wood base, stainless steel screws, a UL listed cord and a substantial bore hole for long lasting effects and a beautiful aesthetic for any environment. We carefully inspect your lamp prior to shipping to ensure the very best experience and product.

3. Shipment and care are essential factors to consider. Salt lamps that have been exposed to the air prior to or during shipping become wet and glossy.

We have hand selected our supplier to ensure you are receiving the very best. We value our customers, suppliers, miners and our planet. Himalayan Salt Crystals are a gift of mother earth, we honor and respect this at The OM Shoppe and we honor you.

Thank you for purchasing your Pure Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp from The Om Shoppe!

*Our 3 heaviest salt lamps do incur shipping charges, however even with shipping, we offer the most competitive pricing available!

Salt Lamp Bulbs & Accessories

Accessories for Himalayan Salt and Selenite Lamps

Color Light Bulb 4 Pac8

Rated 4.67 out of 5

Accessories for Himalayan Salt and Selenite Lamps

Salt Lamp 6′ Electrical Cord with Dimmer – Open Bore Spring Attachment

Rated 4.93 out of 5

Accessories for Himalayan Salt and Selenite Lamps

Salt Lamp 6′ Electrical Cord – Open Bore Spring Attachment

Rated 0 out of 5

Accessories for Himalayan Salt and Selenite Lamps

Spare Bulb 15 watt – 4 pack

Rated 4.50 out of 5

Accessories for Himalayan Salt and Selenite Lamps

Salt Lamp 6′ Electrical Cord – Butterfly Attachment

Rated 5.00 out of 5