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 Note A | Third Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls

Intention: Develop Psychic Ability

csb 12 inch aDo you often overthink things and have difficulty imagining the future? Are you having trouble tapping into your intuition or going with your gut feelings? If you find yourself feeling lost and lacking purpose, you could benefit from some third eye recharging.

Our Third Eye Chakra Collection is designed to inspire you to develop your natural intuitive abilities. The crystal singing bowls below are hand measured and tuned for you. Below you can listen and browse from sizes 8″ to 20″.

Since 2008 The OM Shoppe has been a leader in sound healing instruments. You can be assured our premium crystal singing bowls are simply the best quality available on the market. We are here to help you directly should you have any questions.

What’s Included:

A Premium Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with pure, strongly resonant sound. Hand-tested and meditated on with love before shipment! Yes, we do this for every bowl!

The OM Shoppe singing bowls are guaranteed to be 99.9% Pure Quartz Crystal. Since 2008, we work directly with manufacturers we trust for durability and quality sound!

  • Striker Mallet Included
  • O-Ring for Stabilization
  • FREE shipping in the contiguous U.S.
  • FREE guides, videos & sound healing education resources for getting started with playing your singing bowls, upon purchase!
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Beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls

Golden Healer Crystal Singing Bowl

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The OM Shoppe is the best place to buy a quartz crystal singing bowl because we help you each step of the way.
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