Crystal Singing Bowls for Personal Wellness Series


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What To Expect

Each class is designed to help you master the art of using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls in your personal life. Classes are two hours from 3-5PM on select Monday’s each month throughout 2022. These past few years have been a global trauma and helping ourselves recover simply must be a priority. One of the easiest ways to experience deep and profound relaxation and improve our immunity is through the ancient art of Sound Healing.

Do I Need To Bring A Crystal Singing Bowl?

During each two hour class you will receive instruction for 45 minutes and enjoy a deeply relaxing sound bath experience for the additional 20 minutes. This allows your subconcious mind to process all that you are learning and makes memory retension easier.

You will receive teaching materials with each class and The OM Shoppe provides you the use of a Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl. You simply bring yourself and the rest is taken care of for you. We ask that you do not bring your personal singing bowl, this is so we can ensure a harmonic experience when practicing at The OM Shoppe.

What you will learn & experience

  • Relax into present moment awareness
  • 45 Minutes of Instruction
  • 20 Minutes Hands On Practice
  • 15 Minutes Of Open Forum Q & A
  • 20 Minutes Sound Bath to Incorporate the teaching into your subconscious
  • Discover the power of sound in releasing emotion, and bringing awareness to your present mindbody state.
  • Activate your crystal singing bowl meditation intention.
  • Understand all the ways crystal singing bowls can improve your daily life.
  • Learn a powerful meditation for self-love & self-empowerment.
hand playing crystal singing bowls on grass saying crystal singing bowls for personal wellness class at the om shoppe and spa
Crystal Singing Bowls for Personal Wellness Series