Are the Chakras Real? |

Are The Chakras Real?

You’ve probably heard the word Chakra. You may have wondered or been questioned by others if Chakras are real.

We have taken the time to gather some of the scholarly research, history and personal experiences to help you better understand the Chakras.

First things first, the history of Chakras lends itself to some inconsistent histories and interpretation of ancient Sanskrit texts. Through the rise of modern Yoga and the introduction of more Buddhist and Hindu teachings in the west, many westerners have been drawn to such teachings. Our imaginations have been intrigued with the ideas, teachings and energetic experiences of the chakras.

Adding to the intrigue they are often referred to as our subtle energy centers within the body, or spinning disks of energy. It is thought that learning techniques to balance and open our chakras can aid us in almost every way. In essence, connecting us to our own vital energy, prana or chi, our life giving energy source.

To understand the history of Chakras, we must begin with the ancient Sanskrit sources.

What we discover from the work of Anodea Judith and her many well regarded books on the subject, is that there is no one true right way to work with the Chakras. Secondly, we must acknowledge some room for interpretation, since most of us do not read Sanskrit and the scholars that do, more often than not, impress upon us that there is inconsistency in the history and ancient teachings of how to best discover and work with the Chakras.

At The OM Shoppe, we align with the teachings of Chris Wallis a Sanskrit Scholar and Yoga instructor. For the purposes of our western minds and to consider how Chakras have been adapted by our modern western culture we have included his description below…

“First off, how do we define ‘chakra’? In the Tantrik traditions, from which the concept derives, chakras (Skt. cakra) are focal points for meditation within the human body, visualized as structures of energy resembling discs or flowers at those points where a number of nāḍīs (channels or meridians) converge. They are conceptual structures yet are phenomenologically based, since they tend to be located where human beings experience emotional and/or spiritual energy, and since the form in which they are visualized reflects visionary experiences had by meditators.”

Now, if we take the concept of focus and or intention and couple that with the actual physical formation of the human body we discover there are Mid Somatic Sections within the human nervous system and spinal column! These can be thought of as clusters of nerves that correspond with the Chakra system. They are located within the spinal column and correlate to our Endocrine glands. Most importantly, when considering our Chakras we are moving towards conceptualizing ourselves as one beautiful energy body or bodymind.

It is this combination of working with our physical and energetic bodies that allow us to have profound personal experiences when working with our Chakras whether through meditation, yoga, breath, chanting or energy and emotional work.

One thing I can assure you of is that you’ll find plenty of contradictory information regarding the Chakras. However, once you have experienced a personal shift through techniques and concentration, the Chakras become very real to you!

Somatic psychotherapy and Interpersonal Hypnotherapy use the chakra and energetic systems of the body as a gateway to the deeper buried emotions. Through bodymind work, lives are transformed and one can experience more emotional freedom and personal joy.

When we speak of opening and aligning the Chakra system, we are looking to create balance in our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

How we get to that personal balance, in our opinion, cannot be done wrong.

Are the chakras real? Chart of chakras and linked body systems |

So what is this energy that is moving through the Chakra system?

The energy of creation has found many names Chi, Prana or Universal Life Force. One thing is for certain, when we are out of balance in our lives we experience it in our body and mind. We are not a separate body and mind. We are one psychosomatic network, truly a universe unto ourselves. Working with our Chakra system allows us to begin practicing psychosomatic wellness, vibrational medicine, bioenergetics and bodymind alignment.

Our chakra system is associated with our nervous system and particularly the Vagus Nerve. The specific function of this nerve is to connect with organs that happen to be associated with the seven chakras through the parasympathetic nervous system. This in turn triggers within us the relaxation response resulting in our bodymind being in a state of “rest and digest” instead of “fight or flight”.

The main function of the parasympathetic system is that it conserves energy in the human body, slows heart rate, increases digestion, relaxes muscles and aids our body in its ability to heal itself.

Here at The OM Shoppe, we believe living in a more peaceful, balanced and healthy way is truly what we all seek.

Honoring and working with our Chakra system, in a way you find most beneficial for you, is truly empowering. Once you experience that not only do chakras exist but they are critical in regulating all parts of you body, then you may want to consider what each chakra is responsible for.

As is par for the course, the evidence, research and opinions will vary. However, at The OM Shoppe we help thousands of people a year find more personal balance. We base all of our treatments on an Aura Report, or, an energetic biofeedback report. This allows us to help guide individuals in the best ways to help them achieve their personal goals.

We have adopted the following seven chakra model and find it helps many who are seeking more personal wellness, emotional peace and personal change.

We have also included the issues we see most often when the Chakra is blocked or out of balance in some way.

Root chakra symbol - red

1. Root chakra – located at the bottom of your spine, this chakra is foundational in your feelings of security. Physical issues may be sore lower back, low energy and cold extremities.

Sacral chakra symbol - orange

2. Sacral chakra – located in the mid-abdomen, this chakra is your creative energy. Physical issues may be urinary discomfort and increased allergies.

Solar plexus chakra symbol - yellow

3. Solar plexus chakra – located at the top of the abdomen, this chakra is vital for self-esteem. Physical issues may include digestive discomfort and troubles with memory.

Heart chakra symbol - green

4. Heart chakra – located right above the heart, this chakra is the capacity to love unconditionally yourself and others. Physical issues may relate to high blood pressure and low immune system.

Throat chakra symbol - purple

5. Throat chakra – located in the throat and ears, this chakra is about self-expression and the truth. Physical issues may be thyroid, jaw and mouth issues.

Third Eye chakra symbol - purple

6. Third eye chakra – located between your eyes and your forehead , this chakra is the center of intuition. Physical issues may be sleeping issues, feeling clumsy or struggling to learn new things.

Crown Chakra Symbol

7. Crown chakra – located on the top of the head, it is connection to our higher selves and spirituality. Physical issues may be headaches, low motivation and physical coordination.

As you have may have discovered, proving that chakras exist is no easy task.

We also recognize that this article has not taken into account the other energetic bodies that surround us and their chakras. Specifically, what some call secondary chakras.

Most importantly, whether you are convinced of the existence of chakras or not, if there is something in your life you are ready to change or if you are seeking more emotional freedom or spiritual joy, we encourage you to connect to your vital life force through focus, intention and embracing the entirety of your bodymind.

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