Clearing Chakras

Using Sound and Vibration

If you’ve been feeling negative or tired, or if your life has gone haywire, it could be that you have a chakra or chakras that are clogged or stuck. The first thing to do is to take a breath and settle down. Meditate, if that is your practice, or simply try to intuit which chakra or chakra is blocked, or an aspect of your life that is unbalanced. Use that information to identify the blocked chakra. 

One of the most powerful ways to clear your chakras is through sound or vibration. Once you are aware of the chakra or chakras that need clearing you can: 

1- Chant the chakra’s corresponding ‘seed sound’ to release stuck energy. To help, here are the seven primary chakras, a reminder of what they represent, and the ‘seed’ sound to chant. You may need to do this more than once, or on an ongoing basis, until the issue or feeling has cleared.

Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Set Note B – 8″ Note G – 9″ Note F – 10″ Note C – 11″ Note A – 12″ Note D – 13″ Note E – 14″

  • First chakra (base of spine, groundedness, security) – seed sound is IAM
  • Second chakra (lower abdomen, power, sex, work) – seed sound is VAM
  • Third chakra (the navel, self-esteem, ego) – seed sound is RAM
  • Fourth chakra (heart center, love, compassion, forgiveness) – seed sound is YUM
  • Fifth chakra (the throat, communication, self-expression) – seed sound is HAM
  • Sixth chakra (forehead or ‘third eye,’ insight and oneness) – seed sound is SHAM
  • Seventh chakra (crown of the head, oneness and universal love) – seed sound is OM

2- Listen to, or obtain, a singing bowl that resonates with the sound of the chakra you need to clear. The OM Shoppe can be a valuable resource here, as it offers crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls in various sizes that ‘sing’ the chakra vibrations and tones. Some choices clear primary chakras and others are for clearing the secondary chakras. Or, you can acquire one instrument that tones all seven primary chakras as one resonating chord through The Om Shoppe’s chakra drums or crystal harps. 

3- Today’s online world offers a wealth of resources for those interested in chakra work and chakra clearing. Search for chakra resources the You Tube channel Meditative Mind ( or Gaia (

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