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How to Care for Your Crystal Singing Bowl

How Our Crystal Singing Bowls Stand Out

If you bought your bowl from The OM Shoppe, then, you can rest assured that your crystal quartz singing bowl is made of 99.9% pure crystal quartz, and has been 

  1. tested for playability,
  2. measured for its exact frequency,
  3. charged with vibrations of love, &
  4. is professional-grade. 

How to Care for Your Crystal Singing Bowl

The makeup of crystal quartz singing bowls makes them fragile instruments, but with the right care & proper handling, your crystal singing bowl can stay beautiful & last a lifetime. Just watch the video above &  follow these simple steps!

  1. Carefully remove your new singing bowl from its package and allow it to come to room temperature before striking or playing. (This can be up to even an hour in very hot or cold climates, but make sure to hold your bowl and make sure it is back to room temperature before striking, as otherwise, the pressure of the temperature difference could make it more susceptible to cracking.)
  2. Always wash your hands before touching or playing your bowl to minimize oil and stains on your bowl.
  3. The proper way to transport your crystal singing bowl is always carry your bowl from the bottom with two hands.  When going outside the home or office with it, we recommend you use a carry case that is padded and appropriate for its size. 
  4. When necessary, clean your bowl with mild dishwashing or organic soap and distilled water. Use a soft bristle brush and dry with a soft white cloth (to make sure no color residue stains the bowl). Even better, leave your bowl outside in the sun to dry and absorb the solar energy! 
  5. For a quick blemish removal in a time pinch, you can use rubbing alcohol and a soft white cloth and gently rub the areas you are trying to clean.
  6. Handle with reverence & care. These bowls are high vibrational instruments & are alive with crystalline energy! We recommend connecting with your bowl as you would any precious crystal.

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We provide a wonderful educational email series with the purchase of any of our large stock of meditation crystal singing bowls, so that you can easily begin to enjoy the healing vibrations of your singing bowls. And remember that all of our singing crystal bowls for sale are eligible for FREE shipping within the contiguous United States.

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