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How To Play Your Crystal Singing Bowls Part Two

The Symbolism Of Crystal Singing Bowls

This is part two in our series on, “How To Play Your Crystal Singing Bowl”. In part one we reviewed the techniques of playing crystal singing bowls. Also, we examined the dos and don’ts and professional tips to get the most out of your singing bowl.

In this article, we are diving into the more spiritual and esoteric aspects of crystal singing bowls. Specifically, as we are often asked this article will cover; which direction should I play my singing bowl? Does it matter if I play it on the outside or the inside? What is the best striker or wand to use when playing my quartz crystal singing bowl? And lastly, how to use crystal singing bowls for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing?

Crystal Singing Bowls Gain Popularity

Playing crystal singing bowls and employing them for sound baths, in professional music creation and personal healing is gaining popularity quickly. This speaks to their amazing ability to instantly relax us and help bring a sense of peace and well being when played properly. “The resonance of the bowls seems to grow our interior spaces,” Yoga Journal LIVE presenter Elena Brower says.

Also, as a species our collective consciousness is changing. We are having a reckoning as a whole and quartz crystal singing bowls are bringing us together in fellowship and helping us each individually become more loving, tolerant, mindful, and kind.

We can, as many do, approach the singing bowl simply as a musical instrument that feels and sounds nice to us. However, consider the crystal singing bowl and the wand or striker as symbolic of something much more ancient. In fact, throughout history cups, cauldrons and even bowls such as Tibetan Singing Bowls can be seen as symbols of feminine energy. Consider them to represent the womb that life emerges from, a true symbol of the ultimate creativity.

In considering the singing bowl shape, the circle is also a symbol of endless continuation. In essence, there is no end and no beginning. It is simply a reminder of all that can yet become manifested. It represents endless possibilities. Life is full of cyclic phases and much like the seasons or our lives, the bowl can subconsciously represent our very own life cycle.
In fact, the circle reminds us of our karmic path, that try as we may, we cannot be separate from our actions. It is also reminiscent of the moon and lunar cycles. Singing bowls remind us of both our inner selves and our outer selves, like the full moon or the new moon. The bowl too has its unique way of expressing itself as we do either through sound or silence. Either in stillness or in action, the creative potential is always consistently available.

What is the best striker or wand to use when playing my quartz crystal singing bowl?

Crystal Singing Bowl Mallets Strikers for Frosted Crystal Singing BowlsWhen we introduce the wand or striker to the crystal singing bowl, we are bringing together a representation of male and female energies. In essence, offering a way to balance our many aspects and to begin to utilize the bowl as a tool of manifestation for our inner and outer desires. A singing bowl striker itself is phallic in nature and when introduced to the bowl (womb) allows for endless creation. When the bowl is struck with a striking wand it brings forth the song of the bowl to be sung, merging both male and female energy. These two energetic forces come together and co-creates sound where there had been none.

The wand is also a symbol of magic. The act of striking the bowl brings forth the full potential of the bowl and in so completes the cycle of creation. The wand or striker can be considered a way to channel energy. Some crystal singing bowl practitioners take great time to create elaborate and decorative wands and strikers.
The wand will take on the intention regardless of its decorative styling. However, the wand or striker utilized for playing will elicit different tonalities from the bowl. Creating a pleasurable listening experience is still primary when selecting your wand.

Silicone strikers for playing crystal singing bowls tend to offer the most pleasant experience. However, suede and rubber ball mallets all do a beautiful job as well. To tap the bowls, soft rubber or suede mallets are also a great choice. You can have one instrument yet many mallets to elicit different tones and textures. The important point is to connect the intention and honor this age old representation of creation when approaching or employing a crystal singing bowl.

which direction should I play my singing bowl

So, is it better to play a crystal singing bowl clockwise or counterclockwise? When we are playing the bowl, we are in a way stirring. One of the universal laws is that energy begets energy. Who has not had a soup that just tasted better because love and attention were stirred in?

There are esoteric beliefs that indicate playing the bowl in a clockwise motion is creating more energy or invoking the divine masculine as it spirals outward in its creative force. You may consider a clockwise motion is drawing from the inside and sending it outward. Clockwise playing is often considered to provide more physical strength and personal power and supercharge our energy fields.

The counterclockwise stirring of energies is said to invoke a more receptive energy creation. It pulls into you and into the singing bowl a sense of outer energy into your inner energy. This can be beautiful for bringing into your auric field the people and things you desire.

In summary, you may like to think of it this way; clockwise stirring increases energy to have the strength and fortified to physically create in the world and is considered to invoke more masculine energy. Counterclockwise stirring is a way of bringing the energies outside of you to your inner world invoking the more divine feminine creativity abilities within you.

How to use crystal singing bowls for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing?

Silicone striker mallet with heavy quartz crystal handleIn seeing the quartz crystal singing bowl more symbolically, we can think of it as life itself. If you adhere to a more spiritual view of yourself as eternal energy, then the singing bowl itself is a representation of no ending and no beginning.

One can even think of the energy or symbolism of the kundalini snake coiled around the rim. It is a representation of what is possible and not yet manifested. The crystal singing bowl elicits physical, spiritual, and emotional healing by allowing us to hold space for ourselves. It provides a resource for harnessing, directing, and balancing our energy.

You can learn more about the physical benefits of crystal singing bowls here. Yet, consider that the bowl is a representation of your life and honor it as such. Ultimately, crystal singing bowls when used mindfully remind us that we cannot separate our spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional selves. To achieve peace of mind and contentment within ourselves the singing bowl helps us to balance all that is and all that will be.

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