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How your memories can heal you today.

Updated May 2020

Do you carry painful memories of the past? Perhaps, you beleive you are destined to be continually haunted by them? Even though you may have “tried to forget,” the emotional and often physical discomfort may still be raw for you. Understanding how and why we remember can help you unlock more inner peace and improve your memory now.

On Memorial day, we reflect on memories and how sometimes painful memories can be used to transform our emotional and behavioral reactions in the present.

The memories we carry define who we are, the relationships we have and even how we react to things.

While we are partially defined by our genetic makeup which our parents gave to us, we are also defined by the experiences we have and how we relate to those experiences. Memories are an extension of our health; the healthier we are the more efficiently we store memories and are able to recall those memories.

The truth is our subconscious mind is built on the events and perceived beliefs that formed from our good and traumatic experiences in our formative years. The University of Birmingham, School of Psychology 2018 study found that, “The change in memory expression is related to changes in the brain correlates of long-term memory. Many have suggested that such retrieval-induced plasticity is ideally placed to enable memories to be updated with new information.”

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Plasticity is our magical ability to rewire our own neural networks and create new responses for ourselves. We tend to think our memory works like a filing cabinet: we experience something, generate a memory, and then file it away for later use. In reality, the mechanisms behind memory are more dynamic and based in the way our brain & mind functions. However, our memories are not stored like a CD in one single place in our brain.

In fact, as Cristina M Alberini, of New York University tells us in her research paper, The role of reconsolidation and the dynamic process of long term memory formation and storage, “It is becoming increasingly clear that the processes of memory formation and storage are exquisitely dynamic.” Neuroscience studies further support that memories and our “mind” is throughout our entire body, often referred to as your bodymind.

Interestingly, to produce a memory you pull information throughout your bodymind. The visual cortex, auditory cortex and even cells and neurons throughout the body send information to recreate the memory. The strength of these mechanisms determines how memories are translated within our brains and bodies.

The experience of remembering is a systemic dynamic process that involves all aspects of body and mind. As you have experienced many times, memories create emotions and emotions are chemical reactions in the body. This memory will continue to play out the same physiological and psychological response within our body mind until the pattern is interrupted.

How Can I Change My Memories?

This is where NLP and Hypnosis give you the advantage to “take the charge” out of those old patterns and dismantle the program that causes unwanted behavior, uncomfortable emotions and the destructive patterns that keep us from living a content and peaceful life. One particular technique  that has an immediate impact in disrupting the old pattern or programming is called Memory Reconsolidation. It is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) technique that works directly with the memory.

By empowering the you in the memory with new resources, it fundamentally changes how your bodymind reacts and responds when faced with the same triggers or simply recalling painful or traumatic memories.  In essence, you interrupt the old pattern and create a new one.

Often, people feel if they could just “erase the memory” they can end their suffering. However, our subconcious mind is actually trying to protect us by keeping the “old pattern” in play. If you are struggling with traumatic memories or are ready to create new reactions, choices and responses in your life then working with a qualified Clinical Hypnotherpist may be right for you.

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