3 Ways to use Brainwave Entrainment for Inner Peace

3 Ways to use Brainwave Entrainment for Inner Peace

Tones to Transform your Mood

“If you don’t like what’s going on in your head, (you can) change it,” ~Michael Hutchison, author of Megabrain

Michael Hutchison, with his 1986 book Megabrain, is widely credited with revolutionizing how we look at the way our brains work and with being a pioneer in exploring our ability to expand the power of our brain.

That knowledge paved the way for the development of the science of Brainwave Entrainment. Used primarily for changing the way you feel (for the better!), brainwave entrainment offers a variety of techniques to naturally alter brainwaves by synchronizing them to a stimulus, like sound, vibration, or light, that has a frequency corresponding to an intended brainwave state. 

For example, our usual busy day brainwaves run at the frequency of Beta (13-30 cycles per second or Hz). Tones to evoke calm, alertness, and being in the present moment are Alpha frequency at 8-13Hz; for deep relaxation, deep meditation, and dreaming the frequency is Theta (4-8Hz), that twilight state between sleeping and waking. And finally, the frequency of Delta (.5-4Hz) evokes slow wave or dreamless sleep. The body’s self-healing and regeneration capacity is triggered at the Delta state, which is why deep sleep is so essential to healing.

Thus, in addition to stimulating inner peace, Brainwave entrainment can be employed to reduce stress, increase relaxation, evoke creative ideas, help sleep and to simply feel better. So how do you get it or do it? 

  1. Sound: Brainwave entrainment is most popularly used through pulsing tones that can help trigger your brain to achieve your desired state. These tones are called binaural beats and are often added to relaxing music or nature sounds.Begin trying out brainwave entrainment by accessing some of these gentle tones that you can find on websites such as BinauralBeatsMeditation.com or Ennora.com or look for CDs and downloads through Google.com and at Amazon.com. There are also Brainwave Entrainment smartphone apps: Insight Timer has some, and is free, as is the BrainWave App, plus you can search for other paid apps on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Light: Light is also used for brainwave entrainment through devices generally called mind machines.By the way, there are also mind machines for sound. Like chakra energies, different colors of light have been shown to produce a variety of results. Those best for inner peace are violet, indigo, blue and green, as they provide calming and relaxation. The warning is to not use these devices if you have had seizures or have epilepsy. 
  3. Drum, Chant, Dance and Whirl: Eons before Hutchinson’s book, indigenous wisdom traditions had ‘technologies’ that slow people’s brainwaves, evoking calm and inner peace along with other states of mind. The Hindus developed meditation and Kirtan, Gregorian chanting was the sacred song of the Roman Catholic Church, Hebrews used davening (reciting liturgical prayers), Native Americans held drum circles, Tibetans used metal singing bowls, and both whirling dervishes and numerous African tribes danced for trance. While not as widely tested by science, these methods are tested by time.If you are interested in any of these methods that entrain your brainwaves to shift consciousness and mood, check out the wide array of vibrational medicine tools at our shop or explore our stock online. We have many of the tools needed for these various methods of inducing relaxed and meditative states, including drums, mantra meditation CDs, prayer malas, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, and aboriginal rain sticks, to name a few.

Beyond Brainwave Entrainment: It is interesting to note that about seven years before the end of his life in 2013, Megabrain author, Michael Hutchison, had a series of near-death experiences that changed how he viewed his pioneering experiments around brainwaves. To paraphrase, he said:

I realized that my real interest in (brainwaves and brainwave entrainment devices) was as tools for awakening, and my search all these years was really for the experience of consciousness, spirit and bliss

Shine on, friends!

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