5 Tips to Get Your Happy On


A few Fundamentals to Generate Happy IN our lives

It’s likely that you’ve encountered books, magazines and yes, even blogs that suggest there is a specific recipe for producing happiness in your life. One eye of newt, 2 toe of frog, etc. in a caldron and shazam! Well, it’s not quite that simple.  

The problem with a general prescription, or solution, to happiness is that

No two people start from the same mental and physical place, nor do they have the same notions about happiness.

But don’t despair. Most of the happiness scientists, psychologists and writers agree on a few fundamentals that work to generate happy in our lives. 

    1. Move More: Exercise of any kind and velocity is good for your heart, mind and level of happiness.   
    2. Visit Nature: Spending quality time at the beach, in a forest, or in your garden is a soothing tonic for happiness. One caveat: cut out the electronic devices during nature time.
    3. Laugh More: Turns out laughter really is the best medicine. It can be the antidote to everything from the blahs to the blues.  
    4. Stay Connected: Developing healthy and nurturing relationships, and spending time with those people, is a harbinger for happiness.
    5. Rock Out: Make a playlist of your favorite good-feeling songs and put it on replay!

Be sure to tune into next week’s The Om Shoppe blog to learn more about the positive impact of happiness on our brain and body.

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