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Crystal Gridding Made Easy

Crystal Gridding Made Easy

The world of crystals is a fun and easy way to explore the power of intention and crystal magic. Crystal grids are sometimes more powerful than using a single crystal. These grids are designed usually in a geometric pattern for the intention of directing the energy towards one goal. Crystal healing techniques are gaining more popularity and according to, study participants using crystal healing felt an “increased feeling of overall well being”.

When you prepare and properly use your crystals, you will be able to apply the universal life force and most importantly, be confident that your crystal grid works for your purpose. The following steps are what are needed to do a powerful crystal grid. Enjoy the video below and be sure to download the crystal grid ebook here as well.

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Happy Gridding!

Unlock The Magic Of Crystals & Intention Step by Step

  1. Cleanse your space with sage, palo santo or crystal bowl playing to clear the energy where you want to place your grid.
  2. Write your intention down on a piece of paper and place it under your grid if you’re using a cloth or premade crystal grid layout. If not, place your intention into your memory. Deciding on your goal or intention needs to be specific, for example, do you want to sleep more through the night, do you want to be financially abundant or do you need to have more healthy relationships?
  3. After being specific with your intention, choose crystals that will not onlyTiger's Eye small brown crystals align with your goal but enhance it. Do some research on crystals and then trust your intuition. There are a vast amount of crystals that can help you manifest your intention, choose the ones you’re most drawn to. 
    • Select a large center stone to align with your goal, sometimes called your intention stone.
    • Select crystals that will amplify the energy around the center stone. These stones can be chosen with the thoughts of color, shape and what the actual
      geometric pattern that you want to create (if you do not have a premade grid)
    • Select an activation crystal to activate the grid upon completion, usually a quartz point or a wand.

4. Small Amazonite tumbled for courageStart with your intention stone and place that in the center with your written          intention under it.

5. Next surround your intention stone with your selected stone on your crystal grid, at least 6 stones, continue to create layers of stones and think in a geometric pattern. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

6. Take your activation crystal and starting from the outside, draw an invisible line between each crystal. This will energetically connect the stones and activate your crystal grid.

7. Be receptive to what energy the crystal grid will bring. Remember, YOU are the most vital piece of the grid!

Own Your Energy & Own Your Space

Most crystal grids are built to bring a certain purpose in your life. And because your home is the space that you stay in the most, the desire to have positive and purposeful energy in your home is ideal. You can protect your home from negative energy and keep love and peace existing in your space by taking the following directions to crystal gridding your home.

Lapis Lazuli Beautiful Genuine Crystal

Own Your Energy & Space

1.Cleanse your home with sage, palo santo or crystal bowl playing to clear the energy. If you live in a multi-level space, just do the main level. Your grid will radiate throughout your home no matter how many levels and what size it is.

2. In the four corners of your home, place a piece of black tourmaline. This might be tricky as most homes are not perfect squares, garages do not count. The power of black tourmaline is incredible. It is a protective stone trapping negative energy and creating an invisible barrier around your home.

3. Next place a pointed clear quartz crystal in front of each piece of black tourmaline with the point facing the tourmaline. This will take the negative energy and trap it into the stone.

4. Place amethyst or selenite on your windowsills. If your home has many windows, start by placing it on the largest windows or important windows like your bedroom. Amethyst while calming is protective and restorative, keeping your home sacred. Selenite protects as well and often tucks neatly on windowsills keeping the environment cleansed and recharged.

5.Find the center of your home and place a piece of tiger’s eye in this space. Tiger’s eye is another protective stone and great for unblocking any positive, creative energy. This tiger’s eye connects to all anchors of your home and is the “watchful eye” on your home and your entire property.

Ready to grid? Start with our Intentions Collection of crystals here. Keep exploring with more articles and resources on the magic of crystal healing in our OM Education center for Crystal Knowledge.


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