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Crystals & Minerals

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In many respects, crystals and minerals are the stars of the earth.

Forged over millions of years they reveal themselves in spectacular beauty. The abundance and varieties of crystals, gemstones and minerals is truly staggering.

The OM Shoppe works to acquire only the most ethically mined pieces. We source them from all over the world (and some even from outer space!) to you.

Whether you’re a “rock hound” or you enjoy unlocking the energy potential inside each piece, we invite you to browse and discover the crystal that has been waiting just for you.

If you are searching for a specific specimen we can help find it! Just call or email us and we’ll happily work to source it for you. If you are in Sarasota, stop by and see the many specimens available that never make it to our website.

Mother Nature makes all of her beautiful creations unique in some special way. The crystals you receive from The OM Shoppe may vary in color or shape from what is pictured here. Rest assured we are very picky crystal lovers and rock hounds. Don’t believe us? Check out all our 5 star reviews!

Still want to know exactly what your crystal will look like? No worries, give us a call we can facetime, email or text you a pic before you purchase today.

Unique & Large Specimens