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The Physical & Psychological Benefits Of Tibetan Singing Bowls

It is hard to not notice that sound healing is kind of everywhere lately. It is a gROUP OF 4 HAND ENGRAVED TIBETAN SINGING BOWLSgrowing field of alternative wellness, that simply cannot be dismissed. One of the most popular instruments and perhaps the oldest is the metal Tibetan Singing Bowl. But what has sustained the metal singing bowl as a healing tool through literally centuries? And how does it actually effect the human body & mind?

TIbetan SInging Bowls Affect On The Human Body

In a study published in The Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, tension and depressed mood and anxiety scores were shown to significantly decrease for participants of professional singing bowl meditations, while their feelings of wellbeing increased. Some participants even showed considerable reduction in physical pain.

Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl 8" C#In fact, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, a famous oncologist who began working with singing bowls to complement his medical practice and improve the quality of life of his cancer patients, also noted their pain reduction properties. Of the effects of his Tibetan singing bowls and sound & meditation therapy, in general, he said, “…their heart rates are steady, their breathing is deep and slow and their stress hormones decrease, allowing the immune system to function more efficiently, lowering blood pressure and releasing natural opiates,” according to this New York Times article.

In a different randomized controlled study published in The American Journal of Health Promotion, Tibetan singing bowls, specifically, were also shown to decrease blood pressure and heart rate when performed right before a guided visualization meditation. More and more studies are being conducted on the effects of sound baths, singing bowls, and sound therapy, with the majority of them confirming, at minimum, therapeutic benefits of singing bowls, including:

Physical Benefits Of Tibetan Singing Bowls

  • Lowered blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate1Om Shoppe Custom Chakra Symbols ON Human Form
  • Improved circulation1
  • Better energy recovery2
  • Increased parasympathetic tone2
  • Reduced stress3
  • Decreased levels of anger, tension, depressed mood, anxious feelings,3 and
  • Increased levels of vigor, self-esteem, and sense of well-being3

Many people report as if they go in and out of a dreamlike state. This is typical of the theta brainwave state or what is commonly referred to as hypnosis. It is quite often described as a feeling of being aware yet somehow deeply relaxed. It is in this state that one can create deep long lasting change within the subconcious mind, gain insight and find creative solutions within.

With this in mind it is important to consider your intention and focus when embarking on a sound bath or sound healing session. Working with a trained professional is important, inquire as to their training and ensure they are educated and trained in the field of sound healing.

Tibetan Singing Bowls and the Mind

tibetan bowl by fireTibetan singing bowls also have the potential to affect the mind in significant ways. Like other sound therapy instruments, when they are played with proper intention and technique, the rich complex tones of the more popular types of Tibetan singing bowls (Jambati and Thadobati bowls) cause the brainwaves to lower into an alpha or theta state, invoking a light trance or altered state of consciousness (hypnotic state). An article published by Quartz confirmed experiences of consciousness expansion, emotional breakthroughs, and crying to release deep feelings for some who had experienced Tibetan singing bowls in the form of a sound bath.

And due to the phenomenon of neuroplasticity, the repetitive use of these soothing instruments can actually influence the mind to access peaceful states even when not in meditation or experiencing its vibrations. In the field of NLP this is known as creating an anchor state.

This happens because the mind will associate the sounds with feelings of calm and this can help the brain form new neuron bundles and pathways that reflect the serenity that is inevitably felt when they are wielded gently in the hands of a trained professional. The more these pathways are experienced, the more accessible these feelings of peace can be throughout one’s daily experience.

Colorful Tibetan Singing Bowls on a table

And of course, in altered states of consciousness, the mind is also more suggestible. This allows for positive guided imagery or affirmations, which often accompany tibetan singing bowl sound baths, to have a more lasting impact in shifting mood and perspective. For some, accessing these states can also lead to an awakened sense of visualization and creativity, and even a feeling of connection with quantum plenum (a space of infinite possibility).

The amazing properties of Tibetan singing bowls also happen to be shared by crystal singing bowls. And the two beautiful instruments can work well together when the right types and frequencies are paired appropriately. The OM Shoppe’s crystal singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowl selections are hand-selected to be complimentary for the most soothing sound experiences.

Whether you are hoping to try a new way to still your runaway thoughts, improve medical conditons, release stress, or explore ways to deepen your meditations, more and more evidence is being uncovered to confirm the positive effects of these instruments. Their sounds seem to open a shortcut around the defenses of the conscious mind, to make the benefits of meditative states more accessible to listeners.

Resonance musical medicine band the om shoppeSo, if all this talk has made you curious, look around your area for a trained sound bath practitioner who uses singing bowls. You can also reap their benefits through good speakers or headphones with high-quality recordings, like the sound journeys offered in The OM Shoppe’s Sound of OM meditation channel. But definitely, there is something quite profound to be said about experiencing the physical vibrations of the sounds reverberating through a room as they are played live. If you are ready to add a TIbetan Singing Bowl to your personal wellenss practice, call our team of professionals at The OM Shoppe to help you find the perfect fit. We often have more metal singing bowls in the store then we can get on line. Take advantage of our virtual shopping experience and free shipping today.
Happy sound exploring!

1 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S096522991931756X

2 https://openaccesspub.org/jbtm/article/1181

3 https://openaccesspub.org/ijpr/article/1282

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