Lift Your Mood

Hopefully, you have visited The Om Shoppe recently and experienced the lift in mood that we have carefully cultivated for our clients. Some of that happy is generated from all the crystals and essential oils we have on display. 

Here are the top 3 choices for both of these natural, mood-enhancing tools so you can start a happy collection at home or work, or wherever you need a boost.  

ESSENTIAL OILS Essential Oil Diffuser with three essential oils , peppermint, lavender and orange

Experience the aroma of oils in a diffuser for a whole room or simply inhale from an open bottle. Have some caution about using them topically, though. Not all scents or brands are meant for skin application.  

  1. Lavender: This is probably the best known and most used essential oil because of its amazing versatility. Some of those qualities are cultivating calm and assisting sleep and the easing of depression and anxiety. It is also a natural antibiotic. 
  2. Citrus: From wild orange, to lemon, to bergamot, you can’t go wrong with a citrus aroma. They are invigorating and refreshing, and will stimulate positivity and renewed energy. 
  3. Peppermint: Another multi-use aroma, peppermint is known to have strong calming powers, boost energy, and even improve cognitive performance. 


The geological world is generous in its creation of crystals and many boost mood. Here are three, chosen because they can easily be found in jewelry. After all, who doesn’t like a new adornment?large amethyst

  1. Citrine is a vibrant and joyous crystal that is also known as the abundance stone. 
  2. Amethyst enhances intuition, calm and creativity. Plus, amethyst geodes are known to clear negative energy. 
  3. Rose quartz…ahh the crystal of love – for self and from others and the universe. 


  1. Susan Lachmann says:

    I am SO happy about my 14” frosted Chrystal heart chakra bowl. It is a dream/intention manifest. I use it every morning and every evening; I am certain this practice is benefiting
    many. Thank you for your presence and assistance!

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