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Notes,Frequencies and Chakras

singing bowls and the chakras

Sound healing, frequencies, notes and the chakra system is a big subject that can quickly become very contradictory and a bit overwhelming when researching or trying to find the “right” frequency or note to work with.

A google search for notes for chakras will quickly return a tremendous amount of information, most of which is well, completely made up and designed to seperate you from your hard earned dollars.It is important to keep in mind, that exact frequencies in hertz for chakras are entirely a Westernized modern phenomenon and are not scientifically proven or documented in the Vedic scriptures.So how do you begin to make sense of all of this and move from analysis to enjoying the curative and calming experience of bringing sound healing into your life or the lives of your clients?

magical door image representing subconciuos mind with singng bowls

Sadly, much of the inflated importance you will find detailed on particular singing bowls, gem bowls, and frequencies is meant to help inflate the price of those bowls and make them seem a bit more magical than they truly are. Although, certain singing bowls will simply cost more because of production and the elements used, be aware of very high priced retailers.

When considering the chakra system, it is vital to remember a consistent standard of measurement for tuning was not possible before our modern tuning system was developed. You can read more here about 440hz vs 432hz and learn how musicians would tune to the frequency of the drone instrument, which would vary according to time, place, culture, and weather.

The different note values you see today that have been assigned to different chakras will vary greatly in different cultures across the world. Here is the most important thing to remember, they are all right. How can this be? Because unlocking the real power of frequencies, and sound healing lies in our very own subconscious conditioning. Deborah King, best selling author and teacher reminds us that, “ As invisible but vital energy centers, your chakras are designed to movie energy between your personal field and the universal field.” This statement further lends itself to a deeper understanding of how sound and chakras work together.

Intention + frequency = healing or transformation

This is the true formula for why and how frequency and sound help us experience more wellbeing, restore balance, and improve our health.When we focus our intention upon a particular region of the body or chakra, we connect with this physical and mental aspect (i.e., increased stability, forgiveness, sense of empowerment, etc.) energetically (subconsciously).

Sound does two things for us.

1) It provides a focal point, which helps still our mind, so that we can drown out distraction and concentrate on our intention.

2) It produces waves of energy to amplify whatever energetic intention we direct.

By doing this, sound amplifies whatever  idea our mind has created for us to focus on. Spending more and more time practicing this state of concentrated focus and relaxation begins to build  new neural pathways in the mindbody.

Through repetition, this neural pathway is strengthened, allowing us to experience transformation and change in our subconscious conditioning. In essence it become more automatic for us to feel, react, or experience the world more in the way we want. The most important part of this process is intention and repetition.

It is important to note that specific frequencies such as the Schumann resonance, 528 hz and the tuning of the planets are based on natural vibrations that occur on the earth, within our very own heart when we feel love and from the planets that dance around us respectively. However, if we come to believe that only one frequency can heal us then we are deeply discounting our own ability to create personal change.

Also, be aware of highly overpriced singing bowls that claim to have these extraordinary powers. You and or your client have the power already within, the sound healing instrument, singing bowl, tuning fork or even vocal toning are all meant to aid you but are not in themselves what helps you solely when the healing occurs.

Chakra and planetary tunings of MEINL chakra tuned tuning forks and chimes

You Hold The Key

In essence, remember that the body follows the mind. So, what we have come to believe, becomes our reality and our bodies (subconscious) has that experience. You can consider this by thinking about the last scary movie scene you saw. Although you knew it was a movie and was not actually happening, your body reacted with increased heart rate and an anxious or fight, flight or freeze response.

This is known as the sympathetic nervous system. In incorporating specific notes or frequencies while focused on a specific chakra (i.e., Intention + frequency = healing), we can allow the body to experience the parasympathetic response and open up the mind and subconscious to have an experience of healing. Practicing deep, focused relaxation brings us back into balance and allows the body to do what it knows how to do, heal.

When we speak of healing from a metaphysical or subconscious standpoint, we are in fact holding space for the individual or ourselves to release beliefs, reframe events and re-imagine ourselves. At the core of this work, always you will find a need for processing forgiveness, either towards ourselves or another.

Frequencies, notes and the chakra systems give us the tools to help ourselves break the old patterns, release negative core beliefs, and move into a space of living in unconditional love for ourselves and others. The body (i.e. subconscious, bodymind) responds in kind with increased Dopamine, Serotonin, Neuropeptides and drops our brain waves into an Alpha and Theta state.

This is the state that many call Hypnosis or trance. It is, in fact, a state of being more aware and awake. In the Vedic tradition, there is a Mantra assigned to each chakra. So chanting that while you focus on the intention of the chakra and sound, the frequency or interval you’ve chosen can help enhance the power of your sound meditation.

The frequency or note that we use to get from where we are (the unhealed state) anxious, angry, hurt, stuck etc. to where we want to be (the healed state) joyful, peaceful, loving, creative and kind is not of such great importance. Our beautiful subconscious mind will take care of assigning meaning to help us make the personal change or to help our clients create change.

What is more important when using singing bowls is understanding how to use dissonance and harmony properly. If you are considering bringing sound healing into a holistic practice or expanding your personal collection of bowls, we highly recommend undertaking a comprehensive Sound Therapy Course.

So, in short, whatever frequency calls to you will work for you! Consistently, use the chosen frequency or note and intention together in repetition to achieve the desired change or outcome. The more you practice and focus on what you want, the stronger the effect will be on your Mindbody.

Your chakra system is a reflection of your core belief system and your overall mental and emotional state. When you are living free from limiting beliefs, your chakra system and body will reflect this.

If you are working with more than one singing bowl, we recommend you find a note value or interval (two notes together) that promotes the feelings of quieting emotion, provides inner peace, and creates clarity & balance.  If you have a full 7-chakra set of crystal singing bowls, adding an 8th bowl that is an octave from the root (the same note as the root, but an octave up), will help give a sonic lift and sense of musical resolution which can be a very powerful subconscious trigger for centeredness, completion, and balance, especially when played after the other seven notes.

Peace and Harmony to you and your sound practice!

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