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5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Another Crystal Singing Bowl

What you need to know before adding another crystal singing bowl to your collection

Are you looking to buy another crystal singing bowl to add to your collection? Or, maybe you’re looking to buy two or more bowls at a time for your first purchase? Creating a balanced and harmounious crystal singing bowl set is a science. Our goal, here at the OM Shoppe, is to spread the amazing power of sound therapy with our communities. So, as a leading crystal singing bowl supplier and sound therapy education center, we want to help make it accessible and easy for you to incorporate crystal bowls into your regular stress management routine at home. In this article, we’ve compiled an easy list of 5 things you need to know before buying another crystal singing bowl or a set of crystal singing bowls, whether you are just a lover of sound therapy looking for a profound way to relax in the comfort of your home space, or a professional sound healer or holistic practitioner looking to perform with crystal singing bowls. If you are considering a crystal singing bowls set or adding more singing bowls to your collection then this is the article for you.

Crystal singing bowls produce beautifully hypnotic tones that are impressively effective in easing us into a state of deep meditative stillness. They are relatively easy to learn to play for personal meditation, but if you plan to play more than one bowl together, it is important to remember that they do produce pitches, and as with any other musical instrument, there are pitches that together produce a pleasant, harmonizing effect, and others that can cause irritation or unsettling feelings through their dissonance. As they are and can be played with the complexity and nuance of professional musical instruments, there’s a lot we could say about playing multiple bowls together. However, simply keeping the following things in mind will get you all set up with a set of bowls that will create exquisitely pleasing tones together. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformaton designed to drive up the prices without adding any real value or simple surface information. Below you will find a comprehensive and definitive guide to crystal singing bowls as sets. 


What singing bowl notes you play together sets the entire mood for your singing bowl meditations. 

So, one of the most important things to consider when playing two bowls together is how they sound in relation to each other. Two notes can be harmonically complimentary to each other, or they might leave you with a feeling of being unresolved (dissonance). In the hands of a skilled musician or singing bowl practitioner, dissonance can be utilized to help uncover stuck emotion. But generally speaking, if you aren’t trained in the nuances of sound therapy, it’s better to use only tones that are harmonious. Particularly, 4ths and 5ths intervals (our Yin Yang Harmony 2-bowl sets, for example) are an excellent start to promote feelings of unity and peace. 

Throughout history, the perfect fifth is an interval has been held as sacred by many indigenous and modern traditions around the world. In ancient Chinese philosophy, the fifth was considered to be the sound of universal harmony between the forces of Yin and Yang. In Egyptian traditions, the fifth represented the unity of heaven and earth. 

This bowl combination is powerful in triggering nitric oxide production to deeply relax us to our very core, serve as a meditation anchor, and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Our trained staff are available to help you with putting a basic harmony set together, should you have any questions on this. 


How close in cents your singing bowls are indicates how “in tune” they are to each other.

Also very important in buying more than one singing bowl is to know the exact frequency of the bowl, measured in cents. If a bowl is an “A” p20 (A plus 20 cents), for example, this means that it is above the “A” frequency by 20 cents. If you were going to supplement it with an “E” bowl, it would be important, that the “E” be as close to “plus 20 cents” as possible, for the bowls to sound in tune to each other. We recommend keeping bowls exact or within plus or minus 5-10 cents of each other. Anything more than 10 cents apart will cause there to be a wobbling and increasingly dissonant effect, instead of a pure, harmonious tone.

We hand-select our Chakra Sets for perfect harmony. However, less mindful companies may just look to sell 7 notes together, even though these will not sound very nice together. It is important to be able to trust your supplier. 


What size crystal singing bowls you have may affect how well they play together.

Size doesn’t matter as much as the strength and sustain of the tone, when playing a single crystal singing bowl. But if you’re playing two bowls simultaneously for long periods of time, keep in mind that having a larger bowl and a small bowl together may cause you to work harder to have the small bowl keep up with the volume and resonance of the larger one. The best test of which bowls work well together is to play them together. 


Each type of crystal singing bowl produces a different tonal quality. 

There are different types of crystal singing bowls, from clear to handheld to frosted to crystal and or metal-infused. Each of them has a slightly different quality of sound. The frosted bowls have a profoundly stabilizing resonance. The clear and handheld crystal singing bowls tend to have a purer more poignant sound. And the complex yet refined spectrum of overtones that emanate from gemstone or mineral/metal-infused bowls can add a graceful vibration to your soundscape. Whatever you may choose for your needs, make sure to play them or have them played together first, so that you can discover which bowls compliment each other better (making sure that one bowl does not overpower the other). 

5. How to choose a crystal singing bowl set

Your ear will tell you what feels right for you, and your intention will carry the energy you set for your bowls. 

Overall, your ear will tell you if something feels harmonizing or destabilizing to you. Trust it. One of best ways to begin to select your cyrstal singing bowl is through intention. Beyond the frequency of the bowl, the intention that it carries also sets the tone for your sound experience with it. So, ultimately, any crystal singing bowl can clear any chakra, at the direction of your strong intention, no matter what chakra they are said to align with. However, it can act as a powerful subconscious trigger when bowls are assigned a chakra to strengthen our ability to visualize and hold that intention with the bowl. We recommend browsing all the notes and size available. 

We, at the OM Shoppe & Spa, test our crystal singing bowls and sets before selling them, and aim to provide professional quality instruments that hold our loving intentions. But since sound therapy is not, as of yet, regulated, not every singing bowl seller necessarily adheres to truthful claims about the makeup of the instruments or is knowledgeable about what harmonious tones truly are. Therefore, make sure that you are careful to know who your source is and test out your instruments or hear them before purchase. Look through our blog and youtube channel for more education, or take a singing bowl class with us, to receive guidance on using and purchasing these beautiful instruments for your well-being and relaxation. 

Check out our Events Calendar to see our class listings for personal wellness and professionals! Instrument consultations for professionals are also available for a nominal fee by reaching out to our Creative Director, Zooey Seraphine: [email protected] We also host a variety of sound therapy sessions, both group and individual, and have just added crystal singing bowl sound baths to our monthly offerings! And of course, if you’re looking to add to your collection or to buy multiple bowls, we have intentional sets we’ve already created, to make your life easier!

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