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How Sacred Clay Can Make Your Day

You can probably figure that anything with a nickname that contains the word “sacred” has got to be good, and this theory certainly applies to Sacred Clay. Officially known as Pyrophyllite clay, Sacred Clay is one of the most powerful, all-natural body detox and healing agents with which you can bless your body.

The clay’s extremely high mineral content, superbly balanced mineral profile and tiny particle size make it superior to other detox clays, literally leaving them in the dust.

The “sacred” part of the nickname actually comes from the gorgeous region in Oregon from whence the clay originates, but the clay’s myriad benefits also help to keep the clay highly revered. Clay as one of the top natural detox products is nothing new, as evidenced by an Irish blessing that has been long passed down through generations.

The About Clay website contains the blessing in toto, but those interested in clay for health reasons may particular enjoy these lines:

  • “On the day when the weight deadens on your shoulders and you stumble, may the clay dance to balance you
  • May the nourishment of the earth be yours”

How Clay Works as a Natural Detox

Clay is such an effective healing and detox agent for two main reasons, according to About Clay, and those reasons are absorption and adsorption.

Absorption: You meet the concept of absorption every time you use a sponge, and clay acts as a super-sponge by drawing a variety of other substances into its structure. In the case of clay, the substances that are drawn into the structure are the toxins in your system, which carry a positive charge and are naturally captured in the clay matrix.

The clay particles don’t affect ions that carry a negative charge, which are generally the beneficial ions your body needs to function at its optimum levels.

Adsorption: Adsorption is similar to absorption in its ability to attract and capture positively charged toxins, but it keeps those particles on the surface of the clay. Rather than drawing the negatively charged molecules into the layers of the clay particles like a sponge, adsorption acts more like a magnet, with the toxins sticking to the outer surface.

Pyrophyllite Clay Benefits


A study published in the Journal of Natural Toxins noted Pyrophyllite clay is especially effective for removing aflatoxins, which are cancer-causing toxins that come from mold that grows in nuts, legumes and seeds.

Sacred Clay also targets positively charged particles that include:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Parasites
  • Petrochemicals, heavy metals and other poisons

Replenishment: In addition to removing hazardous and unwanted substances, Pyrophyllite clay is packed with essential minerals it offers up to helps to replenish your body’s own supply.

How to Use It

A natural body detox can be yours using internal or external methods.

Internal methods

Pyrophyllite clay comes in the form of detox clay capsules, or you can mix loose clay into drinking water or juice. Either way, the clay enters your system orally and travels through your system, merrily catching and removing toxins from your blood and digestive tract along the way.

External methods

Your bath time can transform into detox time when you add loose clay to your bath water. Whether you’re going for a full-body soak or a concentrated foot bath, a soak with the clay can leave you free of toxins, not to mention sublimely relaxed.

One more way to serve up the clay is by creating a clay slurry, or a thick mixture of clay and water. The slurry works well prior to a foot bath, as an all-over body detox or a detoxifying facial. Apply the slurry to an area that needs an extra boost and cover it with plastic overnight for an especially powerful purge.

You can up the ante of your Sacred Clay bath, facial or poultice by including detox supplements and detox products, such as the mineral rich mixture of Black Beauty Bath and Facial Additive. Black Beauty contains a number of nutrients and additional clay types to compliment the clay's beneficial effects.


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