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EMF Protection

Scientists estimate that the average daily exposure to EMF radiation is 100 million times higher than it was in previous generations!

Orgone Generators at the om shoppe sarasota floridaTo stay safe, you don’t necessarily have to stop using all the devices and appliances that emit EMF, you simply need a way to neutralize the harmful rays.

Our EMF Protection Devices provide powerful protection against pollution emitted from medium to large devices and electronics, making it ideal for everything from the refrigerator to your desktop computer.

Our EMF Protection devices work in conjunction with your body’s natural biofield, which is made up of biophotons and extends beyond your skin. EMF shielding devices are encoded with more than 200 frequencies that can help balance your bodily systems, from your nerves to your glands, from your organs to your mind.

If you feel a little frazzled and out of sorts, consider EMF protection and discover improved balance and well-being in the midst of the electronic smog around us.

Orgone Generators

Our one-of-a-kind hand made artisan Orgone Generators are custom made for The Om Shoppe.

Many names have been given to the mysterious energetic force associated with vitality and life. Often, this force has been studied in relation to its boundary within the human body, as in the case of the early yogis and their knowledge of prana, or the qi of ancient Chinese medicine. Not until the middle of the 20th century was a theory of life energy expanded to include a ubiquitous principle of universal life energy extending beyond the confines of any organism.

This theory was developed by famed Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. Reich strongly believed that living matter tended to radiate energy, an idea based on his observations of clinical patients releasing powerful waves of energetic discharge as they experienced intense emotional breakthroughs. Reich confirmed his initial observations with the use of a specially modified electric meter which, when attached to the body with electrode sensors, detected a subtle bio-electric charge.

Today this same Orgone Energy can be created by a special technique of layering organic and inorganic materials. Orgone Generators come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the Orgone Generators you find here are hand made by an Artisan. We work with the artist to ensure that the special ordered Orgone Generators are created first and foremost with intention.

Would you like something crafted custom just for you? [Let us know!] We can work with the artist to use the crystals and sacred geometry of your choice.

These stunning and powerful Orgone Generators are wonderful beside a bed, next to a computer or even used directly on the body to enhance meditation.

What is an Orgone Generator?

Layering organic & inorganic materials creates a positive energy generator. The sacred geometry in each Orgone Generator super charges the orgone field. In essence these turn any negative energy into positive energy. You will immediately sense a cleaner environment wherever you place this beautiful Orgone Generator. Perfect near computers or busy work environments. Also a lovely addition to meditative spaces and bedrooms for deeper rest and attaining profound trance states.

Scalar Energy Pendants…

and wearable frequencies are at the forefront of today’s bio energy field wearable revolution. These solutions to combating the barrage of EMFs and other “energetic debris” are quickly becoming the hottest products worldwide for improved wellness.

Below explore scalar energy pendants, crystal wearables and jewelry that supportsFlow Pendant with Crystal and Pyramids your bio energy field. Many of the pieces we carry find are one-of-a-kind, and handmade by our staff and other artisans. We also can craft custom Mala’s and other pieces upon request.

It is imperative to our well being to maintain a positive energy balance. This means protecting the body and mind from daily exposure to EMFs, negative energy such as radiation from cell phone, television, computer, x-ray, microwave and electrical appliances.

The testimonials for scalar energy pendants are pouring in and even our staff has experienced an incredible shift thanks to these incredible wearable frequencies. What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them. Scalar Energy wearables, intention necklaces, bracelets and beautiful body art offer a beautiful and effect way to spiritually support yourself daily.

***Note: We often have far more products in our 3200 square foot showroom than we can get online before they sell. Please call or email for a personalized consultation and to see our entire Orgone & Scalar Energy Line.

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