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When choosing an essential oil supplier, purity standards were our top priority.

Essential oils are a powerful ally and tool for holistic health and vibrational medicine. Working with a knowledgeable Certified Aromatherapist is recommended, which is why we chose to work directly with the industry’s top provider of the purest, organic and wildcrafted essential oils.

Botanical purity is only the first step when sourcing essential oils. To verify the purity of the final essential oils, our supplier uses gas chromatographic analysis with chiral columns, which is the most reliable tool for selecting oils that are 100% derived from the botanical species indicated.

The botanical species is clearly listed on the label of each of our oils as a further guarantee that the oil originates 100% from the species and is not cut with cheaper oils or synthetics (particularly “nature-identical” compounds), which is an otherwise common practice in essential oil production.

More than 95% of all essential oils today are produced for the flavor and fragrance industries. These industries do not prioritize a natural product. Therefore, oils used by these industries often are not pure; they are reconstituted with nature-identical compounds of synthetic origin. Such oils are not suitable for aromatherapy. Further, even if they are pure, industrial oils are not usually distilled with the care necessary for aromatherapy purposes.

When you purchase Essential Oils from The Om Shoppe, you’rereceiving the purest the industry has to offer. We are happy to consult with you one on one please call or email with questions or special request

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