A Powerful High Sacral Chakra Meditation for Your D# Crystal Singing Bowl

And How Sound Can Recharge Your Chi

Have you found yourself blocked creatively lately? Are you in need of an extra boost in your energy flow? Do you need help making your joy lasting? platinum alchemy crystal singing bowl 6 inchThen, this D# crystal singing bowl meditation may just be what you need. Below, we discuss the significance of the high sacral chakra, and explore how sound can revitalize your chi flow. Scroll down to find a powerful high sacral singing bowl meditation to use with your D# crystal singing bowl and recharge your chi. And as a bonus, you’ll get a FREE downloadable guide to recharging your chi with sound

Significance of Your High Sacral Chakra

The high sacral chakra is said to be a gateway, connecting the lower chakras and the higher chakras. It lies between the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra, about three fingers below the solar plexus. Beyond its relation to the sacral qualities of revitalizing creativity and reproductive energy flow, a balanced high sacral chakra also brings vitality to higher functions, expanding consciousness beyond self-gratification and immediate pleasure. For this reason, it has also been called the “Sea of Chi.” This chakra is important in energizing chi that may be sluggish. Additionally, it can strengthen our ability to be strong in the present moment and find joy and happiness in our higher purpose.

How Sound Can Recharge Your Chi

csb 14 inch crownSound has often been used as therapy by slowing down our brainwaves and calming down our nervous system. But sound can also be used therapeutically to recharge your energy, and help you feel purposeful, joyful, and creative. While this is definitely a personal journey, as we are all affected by sound in different ways, there are some main commonalities that generally affect us similarly.

Restoration of energy flow, of course, first does begin by slowing down, and bringing ourselves to a place of calm and peace within, breaking down distractions and separating ourselves from patterns that are stealing our joy or draining our energy.

Drone sounds like the beautiful and powerful tone of a crystal singing bowl help trigger our brainwaves to relax. And from that calm, neutral place, healthy flow of energy can be established.

Once our mind has reached this place of calm, intentional resonance with subconscious triggers that create joy within us can have a powerful and lasting effect on our mind. These triggers can be in the form of affirmation meditations, rhythms that elicit the desire for movement, melodic motions that make us feel happy, and so on.

How to Balance Your Sacral Chakra With Sound

There are many ways to break through stagnant chi, restore healthy energy flow, and boost your joy with sound. We have developed a FREE downloadable High Sacral Chakra Sound Guide to help get you started on your sound journey.  If you’re curious on how this compares to other chakras, be sure to check out the FREE Sound Guides for the Root Chakra, Sacral ChakraSolar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra Sound Guide, and Third Eye Chakra Sound Guide,  Crown Chakra Sound Guide, and OM Chakra Sound Guide hat we covered in the past few blogs of this Sound & Chakra Series! 

Powerful Meditation to Balance your High Sacral Chakra with your D# Crystal Singing Bowl

As we mentioned in your High Sacral Chakra Sound Guide, your D#c

Silicone striker mallet with heavy quartz crystal handle

rystalsinging bowl can be such a powerful way to inspire deep revitalization of yourinner chi flow and your joy. So we are offering you a powerful meditation to restore flow from your lower chakras to your higher chakras, and inspire joy within.

Visualizations can really help our mind connect with our energy field and work through any blockages we might feel. Before completing any of the meditations below, make sure you are following these fundamental first steps: 

And remember that the more you practice sound meditation, the more strongly you’ll experience its effects!


  1. Find a comfortable, relaxing place where you’re not likely to be disturbed. 
  2. Sit and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for a few minutes. As your crystal singing bowl sounds, feel your body relax. (Make sure you have a bolster or meditation pillow  to lift your hips and allow your spine to be straight but your body relaxed.)

The more you can move attention to breath awareness, the more you can potentially release. When our hearts are closed and the body anxious, our breathing is shallow and constrained. So, make sure your chest is out, and allow your breathing to slow and deepen. It’s amazing what these seemingly simple changes can do to calm the mind.

High Sacral Chakra Meditation 

STEPS 1 & 2 (Follow the fundamental steps above.)

  1. Imagine that you’re  drawing a stream of white light of pure peace and joy each time you circle the mallett around your crystal singing bowl. Find yourself sustaining the tone at a steady, calm pace as your breath syncs with your arm movement. Allow your hips to rotate with each circle around the bowl, syncing your body with the wave of the tone if it feels right for you, 
  2. Once you feel calm, allow your mind to gently recall a strong memory of joy. As you continue sustaining the tone of  your D# crystal singing bowl, allow the memory to become more vivid in your mind. Recall the sounds, the smells, the place. Let your mind guide your embodiment and recreation of this joy within your physical self in the present moment. 
  3. Allow your face and muscles to be relaxed, and if the memory brings you a smile or a laugh, don’t restrict yourself. With every inhale now, take in the pure light of peace and joy from your singing bowl, and with every exhale, send out the joy the memory brings you. 
  4. Stay with this feeling until you feel strong enough to maintain it in waking reality. Give gratitude to your bowl for holding space for your peace and joy. And be aware of how your body and mind feel in this moment, knowing that this is always within you and that you can always come back and tap into this inner strength.

tibetan singing bowls

Sound is a medium for channeling energy, so the longer you continue playing the crystal singing bowl, the deeper and more easily your mind can stay in this meditation, and the more you will be able to feel the energy of flow and joy surging back to you, as you send it out with each rotation around the bowl. Bask in the energy of this meditation as long as feels right for you. 

Be sure to explore the combination of your favorite mantras or meditations with sustaining your D# crystal singing bowl. You will certainly find yourself amazed at how much sound can elevate your ability to relax and reintroduce peace into your body, as well as enhance your overall meditational experience.

If you bought your  D# singing bowl from us, you know that it is made of 99.9% quartz crystal. Just like crystals, the more you meditate with it, the stronger your relationship with it. And the more powerful and easy it becomes to balance or charge your chakras with it.

If you want to learn more about how to create beautiful meditations with your singing bowls or other meditation instruments, or how sound can help your emotional well-being in other ways, sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for upcoming courses, workshops, and webinars! 

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