Embrace Your Inner Power: 5 Secrets of Your “E” Crystal Singing Bowl

Embrace Your Inner Power: 5 Secrets of Your “E” Crystal Singing Bowl

And How to Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra with Sound

Are you constantly feeling fatigued or powerless? Do you have a hard time setting clear and healthy boundaries? Do you wish to let go of insecurities and feel more confident in the beautiful human you are? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your solar plexus chakra could use a deep recharge. In this article, we’ll show you why your solar plexus chakra is important to your emotional health, and help you learn how to embrace your inner power (and balance your solar plexus chakra) with sound. Plus, we’ll give you insight into 5 beautiful secrets of Your “E” crystal singing bowl. 

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is Unbalanced If…

… you find your energy reserves are running low, and you often feel lethargic and sluggish.  

Remember the essentials, like rest and sunshine! These can do wonders to amplify your energy levels and stimulate a weakened solar plexus chakra. With your energy amplified, you can go about your day with greater personal confidence and clarity of judgment. With a strong solar plexus chakra, you can be self-assured in making the decisions that are best for you. 

….you find yourself constantly seeking approval from others. 

You are beautiful and perfect in all your “humanness”! When you can accept that you are beautiful, imperfections and all, you will feel more deserving of your dreams. And then, you will understand that the power of manifestation can only be wielded when we realize that we deserve whatever we are asking for. 

you have a hard time with self-discipline and taking responsibility for your decisions. 

In some ways, life happens to us. We are connected energetically to this whole planet, so what happens to us is affected by the choices that those around us make. But, we too affect the energy of our surroundings, and we definitely are responsible for how we react to our circumstances. Taking the time to recharge our solar plexus, helps to inspire the discipline we need to steer our own ship, and not be so easily swayed by the energy of others. 

A Healthy Solar Plexus Feels Like…

…fiery independence. 

You are in tune with your personal power and walk to the beat of your own drum! 

…energetic enthusiasm.

You are motivated and disciplined to follow through with your goals. 

…unabashed confidence. 

You know who you are, and allow that to guide your path.


How to Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra With Sound

Sound affects us in such drastic ways, and music is the language of the spirit! In a beautifully powerful way, sound can awaken, energize, and balance your solar plexus chakra. Want to learn how? You are in luck! Click here for a FREE downloadable Solar Plexus Chakra Sound Guide. If you’re curious on how this compares to other chakras, be sure to check out the FREE Sound Guides for the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra, that we covered in the past two blogs of this Sound & Chakra Series! 

The 5 Secrets of Your E Crystal Singing Bowl

As we mentioned in your Solar Plexus Chakra Sound Guide, your E crystal singing bowl can be used effectively to charge your solar plexus chakra. And there’s so much more you can do with it, than just sustain its tone as you meditate (although that, in itself, is one of the most straightforward and beautiful examples of how to use your “E” singing bowl).  

1. Your E bowl pairs strongly with Solar Plexus chakra visualizations!  

By playing your E crystal singing bowl and visualizing a ball of yellow light glowing and getting brighter with each breath, you can get your solar plexus chakra spinning with vitality. Let the sound of your bowl help your mind focus through your visualization. If you are less visual and more tapped into feelings, the sensation of heat around your solar plexus area (between the navel and the lower part of your chest), can energize this chakra. 

wooden engraved box

2. Double the magic! Ground into your Inner Power with multiple “E” bowls. 

If you need extra help with a sluggish or blocked Solar Plexus, this is the answer for you. No worries about being redundant! If one E bowl can do the trick, then, multiple E bowls can be that much more powerful! The secret? Make sure that each E bowl is a perfect octave (higher or lower) away! Pitch is very important here in order for the combined sounds of the bowls to promote resolution and strength. Ask our expert staff to assist you in finding the perfect extra strength combo of E bowls for you! Call us today!

3. Your body heals best with balance! 

Remember that everything within and outside of us is connected. So, it’s often best to balance and recharge all our chakras, even when we are looking to focus on one or a few weaker chakras. A full chakra set based in the key of “E” will align and balance all your chakras with an extra dose of love for your solar plexus. Let us help you put together a harmonically beautiful full chakra set in “E.” For an even more grounding effect, add an extra “E” bowl in the higher octave. And yes, we can help with that too! (See our Ultimate Guide to Clearing Your Chakras with Crystal Singing Bowls for more inspiration.) 

4. Your E crystal singing bowl loves yellow! 

Your “E” bowl works beautifully with the color yellow. By emphasizing this color through crystals, cloth, and other energy decor of your fancy, you can help your mind anchor into the energy of your solar plexus. Anything to help you trigger your senses to embrace your inner power! Lay a beautiful cloth around the perimeter of your E bowl, or form a crystal grid around your E bowl with beautiful solar plexus stones like citrine, yellow jasper, and golden labradorite. (We have crystal grids with 5 different layouts to inspire you with more creativity!) 


5. Invoke the power of the Sun and Fire with your E crystal singing bowl

Light is energizing and the power of the sun can inspire a rush of energy through your solar plexus. Similarly, the vibration of fire can stimulate and revitalize this energy center. Use empowerment affirmations to anchor your meditation, and visualize the sun’s light or the element of fire as you sustain your E singing bowl. Stay with it until you feel this chakra open and balanced with inner fortitude. 

Activating Your E Crystal Singing Bowl

If you bought your E singing bowl from us, you know that it is made of 99.9% quartz crystal. Just like crystals, the more you meditate with it, the stronger your relationship with it. And the more powerful and easy it becomes to balance or charge your chakras with it.

If you want to learn more about how to create beautiful meditations with your singing bowls or other meditation instruments, or how sound can help your emotional well-being in other ways, sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for upcoming courses, workshops, and webinars! 

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