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Tapping into Your Joy: 5 Secrets of Your “D” Crystal Singing Bowl

And How to Balance Your Sacral Chakra with Sound

Are you having trouble tapping into your joy or feeling inspired or emotionally balanced? Do you wish to feel confident in your creativity, sexuality, and passion for life and relationships? If you answered yes to any of these, your sacral chakra is begging for some energetic balancing. To bring that inspiration, joy, and creativity back into your life, you deserve to bathe yourself in the vibrations of a Sacral Chakra “D” crystal singing bowl. Below, we’ll share some tips on how to balance your sacral chakra with sound. And as a bonus, we’ll let you in on 5 secrets of your “D” crystal singing bowl.

Your Sacral Chakra is Unbalanced If…

… you find yourself taking life too seriously. 

Relax and focus on the sound of your crystal singing bowl, of your favorite instruments, of your voice, of your favorite spot in nature, of your laugh… life’s too short to stress about the things that may not matter tomorrow or 5 years from now.

… you find yourself struggling to find your happy. 

If you feel emotionally numb or drained, then you likely need more time for you. Do the things that make you happy. Find time for some self-care, and remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Don’t we all need a dose of this daily?

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… you can’t seem to find your passion. 

Seeing things from a different angle, trying something new, or immersing yourself in things that inspire you, can help you shift your mindset into a higher vibration, or excite your mind with stimulating creativity.

A Healthy Sacral Feels Like…

… rejuvenation. 

You feel energetic and ready to not just handle your day but to enjoy it!

… emotional stability. 

You don’t overreact or under-react. You are able to flow with life’s up’s and down’s without getting too attached to your expectations or desires. 

… Playfulness and creativity

You are full of ideas, approaching them with lightness and fluidity. You feel as if you can manifest whatever vision your inner artist is inspired by. You allow your inner child to lead you to new gifts, expressions, and opportunities.

How to Balance Your Sacral Chakra With Sound

One of the most beautiful and powerful ways to balance your sacral chakra is by using sound. Don’t know how? We’ve got you covered! Download your FREE Sacral Chakra Sound Guide.

The 5 Secrets of Your D Crystal Singing Bowl

As we mentioned in your Sacral Chakra Sound Guide, your D crystal singing bowl can be used effectively to charge your sacral chakra. And there’s more you can do with it, than just playing it for a minute during or after savasana (although that works marvels, too).  

1. If you can hear it, see it, feel it, you can create the energy you seek…

A beautiful way to balancing your sacral chakra is to play your D crystal singing bowl and visualize a ball of orange light glowing and getting brighter with each breath. The sound of your bowl will help your mind focus through your visualization. Keep the visualization going until your senses are awakened, and you can actually see it vividly with your mind’s eye or feel the warmth of the spinning orange light.

(Make sure it is spinning in a clockwise direction to anchor a feeling of openness). 

2. Drone your way into meditation, when nothing else does the trick… 

Do you have a hard time meditating? You’re not alone. It’s hard to still your thoughts sometimes. That is where your D bowl can jump in and ease you into that meditative state, before you have time to think… Take a few minutes to just focus on your breath and sustain the tone of your bowl. 

Feel the vibrations coursing through your arm and allow the raising and lowering of the volume to create a wave of sound and drop your mind into relaxation. Don’t judge the sound coming out– even if your striker skips– just observe it as you try to maintain steadiness. 

As you relax your mind, pay attention to the overtones, the other harmonic tones that you will begin hearing the more you play your singing bowl. These “extra tones” or “harmonics” within your bowl are what give it (and other drone instruments) its mystical character.  Perhaps because of this hypnotic power of these overtones that continue like fractals, on and on…

…Drones have been described as a doorway into higher levels of consciousness, whether you are the channeler of the sound, or simply the listener. 

NOTE: The lower the bowl (i.e., 3rd octave) the more rich its overtones, as it has more harmonics to possibly tap into..

3. Your D Singing Bowl can alter negative thought patterns!

Your D singing bowl can be used to chant your way to a higher vibration. The strength of your bowl drowns out other sonic distractions. And when combined with the vibrations from your chanting, it has an especially powerful effect disabling other thoughts from entering your mind. Make you sure your affirmation chant resonates with you, or that you understand the meaning behind your mantra! (See the Sacral Chakra Sound Guide above for ideas on what to chant.) 

What’s more, the repetition of the mantra and your attention to the sound of your bowl, together, have an incredible effect of priming your neural pathways to connect breath with body movement and drop your brainwave state down a few notches. So, you can say goodbye to those obsessive, neurotic thoughts with this amazing combo. 

OM with your bowl, to drive away the inner chatter and bring in the higher vibrational feelings you want!

4. Your D singing bowl can charge your room with uplifting vibrations!

Emotional energy can linger in a room, when you don’t take the time to clear it out. You can do this by airing a room out, refreshing it with aromatherapy, creating an intention-based crystal grid, or smudging it with your favorite dried herb bundle. But with your D Crystal Singing Bowl, you can bring in the vibration of joy and creativity into your living space. Experience it to believe it. Play it for a few minutes, and find how much more light and peaceful your room becomes! 

5. Your D bowl loves company!

Yes, your D bowl can be a great solitary companion, but it also loves to socialize with other sounds. Sing with it, or play it in beautiful harmonies with other singing bowls or instruments in the key of D!

 It will make your meditative musical explorations or world music jams that much more mystical! (If you need help, creating a perfect set of bowls that harmonize well together, give us a call!) 

However you use your crystal singing bowl, it is there to anchor your meditation, amplify your intention, and be a cconduit for energy. Play it often to create a stronger connection, and you will find it responding to you with greater nuance. This beautiful instrument is intuitive. So, the more you play it, the more you will discover the secrets of your D crystal singing bowl. 

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