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Crystal Singing Bowls for Meditation and Sound Therapy

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Updated: July 2020

Modern life is teeming with stress-inducing stimulus and, according to the American Psychological Association, the health care system isn’t adequately addressing the negative impacts of stress. Unattended consistent stress often leads to a broad spectrum of other health problems and a generally lower quality of life. Many people are turning to a more holistic approach to health and wellness. Sound healing and incorporating crystal singing bowls for meditation is becoming more popular every day. This article explores how crystal singing bowls and meditation work together and help us combat stress and protect our health.

Meditation and Sound Therapy are gaining popularity in combatting stress and improving health, happiness and overall wellness. By incorporating singing crystal bowls with meditation, many individuals and communities are finding relief from the overwhelming and often negative effects of daily life stress factors.

Using crystal singing bowls for meditation has many benefits. Below, we help you learn how to use crystal singing bowls and meditation to reduce stress and improve your overall sense of contentment. If you already have a quartz crystal singing bowl or if you are new to the idea of using sound healing in your life, this article will help you begin or enhance your knowledge of sound bowls and meditation.

How Crystal Singing Bowls & Meditation Make The Perfect Combo

Quite often when first beginning to think about bringing a singing bowl into your life, the first queston is, “What crystal singing bowl is right for me?” Well, the short answer is no matter the note or size, crystal singing bowls are beneficial for us.

However, with that said before there is anything there is intention. So you might ask yourself, “What would I like the singing bowl to do for me?” Another way to start your selection process is to take our quiz and learn about how crystal singing bowls help us heal.

So why do crystal singing bowls and meditation go so well together? If the goal of meditation is to quiet our minds and relax our bodies, then singing bowls help that process in a few ways.

  1. Crystal singing bowls are powerful drones & help our brains enter a theta brainwave state.
  2. Crystal singing bowls act as an anchor or way to bring our attention back to their vibration and tone during meditation.
  3. The sine wave emanating from the crystal singing bowl moves deep within every cell, triggering the relaxation response.
  4. The more we practice meditating with a crystal singing bowl, the more it can automatically and more deeply trigger the theta brainwave state.

These are just a few of the benefits of working with crystal singing bowls in meditation. You can read more in our learning center and take a deeper dive as you ramp up your sound healing practice and education.

How Singing Bowls Help Heal Our Chakras

Om Shoppe Custom Chakra Symbols ON Human Form Sometimes called chakra crystal bowls, singing bowls are often used as a natural alternative healing tool. When we think of chakras, it is helpful to think of them as vital energy spots on the human body that act as energetic breath channels. These channels are often referred to as spinning disks of energy. When the crystal singing bowl sound interacts with the body, they help to create an “energy grid” that restores balance and generates relaxation and calm. As this article focuses on incorporting singing bowls and meditation, we recommend the following simple steps to begin to connect more consciously with your energetic chakra system.

  1. Ask yourself: if you could improve one thing in your life, what would it be?
  2. Connect that need and your intention with the corresponding chakra.
  3. Begin focusing on that energy center during meditation and while sounding your singing bowl.
  4. Start slow; habits are built overtime. A few minutes a day of meditating with your singing bowl is more likely to grow than trying to meditate right away for an hour or more.

Chakas can feel like an abstract idea as you begin. In fact, you may even be wondering if chakras are real. Or maybe, you are ready to advance and gain a deeper understanding of chakra work? If so, then check out The Ultimate Guide to Clearing Your Chakras With Crystal Singing Bowls.

Sound Vibration As Its Own Type of Therapy

Meditation is not something you master overnight. In fact, it is more of a lifestyle and a lifelong pursuit you practice. So remember when your mind wanders into thoughts, and it will, that the singing bowl vibrations are streaming all throughout the universe, right down to your human body.  Simply allow your body’s natural rhythms to come into sync with the vibrations, tones and rhythims produced by your singing bowl. 

Taking the time to get in touch with your body’s natural energy through the practice of sound therapy with meditation & singing bowls, will equip you with a tool that you can refer to when the disruptive stress of everyday life creeps in and throws your life and energy out of balance.

A# Soul Star Crystal Singing Bowl 12" The OM ShoppeCrystal Singing Bowls Put All the Pieces Together for Health and Well-Being

The power of personal intention, pure quartz crystal singing bowls, meditation and sound therapy; all in tandem, work as a tranquil and potent force to restore your body’s natural flow of energy, allowing you to breathe deeply and think more clearly, reducing stress and giving you a positive outlook on life. While the chaos may still swirl around you after your session using your meditation and sound therapy with a crystal singing bowl, your response to that chaos will be much lighter and will not take the toll it did before your session.

Consider what you are ready to change or create more or less of in your life. Then become familar with the various types of crystal bowls for your specific needs. If you are buying more than one quartz crystal singing bowl, you can learn more about how to build a chakra set and create a harmonious singing bowl set here.

Take your health into your own hands and find a meditation singing bowl to help you create all the peace and serenity in your life that you crave to feel healthy and fulfilled. The OM Shoppe keeps a large stock of crystal singing bowls available for immediate shipping. All of our singing crystal bowls for sale are eligible for FREE shipping within the contiguous United States.

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