How to Use A G# Crystal Singing Bowl to Balance Your Zeal Chakra

How to Use A G# Crystal Singing Bowl to Balance Your Zeal Chakra

And How Sound Can Stimulate Kundalini

Have you ever felt stuck on your journey and unable to move forward? Have you ever felt disconnected from your spiritual self? It may mean that your zeal chakra could use some recharging. Your zeal chakra is considered to be the gatekeeper to your state of consciousness, and when it is charged, spiritual and psychic abilities are thought to expand. To help balance the zeal chakra, try letting your body deeply relax with our G# crystal singing bowl meditation. In this article, we will also illustrate how sound can help connect the upper chakras and stimulate healthy kundalini energy flow with our FREE downloadable guide. 

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Significance of Your Zeal Chakra

The zeal chakra, also known as your “well of dreams,” assists in helping kundalini rise through the upper chakras. It is believed to awaken spiritual and psychic gifts, such as dream recall, strong empathy, and clairvoyance. Because it can help balance the autonomic nervous system, it also helps trigger the body’s natural self-healing capacity. As it focuses on charging the upper chakras, it can also inspire reconnection with your inner guidance. The zeal chakra is located at the base of the neck and skull. So any sound or energy work that releases tension in this area can also help stimulate a healthy zeal chakra.

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How Sound Can Stimulate Kundalini to Rise

Sound has an incredible way of being able to change our mood and emotional state effectively and easily. And for this reason, we encourage you to incorporate it as an easy way to recharge your kundalini flow. Playing beautiful chords, arpeggios, or scalar patterns (tones that keep rising up) or resolving from dissonance to harmony, helps trigger a sense of rising within the energy body. Furthermore, syncopated rhythms keep our auditory senses engaged and guessing, that can inspire vivid imagery and help clear energetic blockages. 

How to Balance Your Zeal Chakra With Sound

There are many ways to balance the flow of energy in the upper chakras and reconnect us with inner guidance and deepened empath. So, we have developed a FREE downloadable Zeal Chakra Sound Guide to help get you started on your sound journey.  If you’re curious on how this compares to other chakras, be sure to check out the FREE Sound Guides for the Root Chakra, Sacral ChakraSolar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra Sound Guide, Third Eye Chakra Sound Guide,  Crown Chakra Sound Guide, OM Chakra Sound Guide, High Sacral Chakra Sound Guide,and High Heart Chakra Sound Guide that we covered in the past few blogs of this Sound & Chakra Series! 

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A G# Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation to Awaken the Zeal Chakra

As we mentioned in your Zeal Chakra Sound Guide, your G# crystal singing bowl can be such a powerful way to inspire a healthy flow in your upper chakras, and inspire kundalini flow and dream recall. Sounds that can stimulate our visual cortex and calm our minds, can deepen our body’s ability to tap into its self-healing abilities, and awaken vivid imagery in our subconscious mind. 

For this reason, crystal singing bowl meditations can be so powerful in restoring a calming theta brainwave state. The gentle persistent pure tones are often transformative, as they hold loving space while you sift through and process the feelings that arise. 

Visualizations can really help our mind connect with our energy field and work through any blockages we might feel. Before completing any of the meditations below, make sure you are following these fundamental first steps: 

And remember that the more you practice sound meditation, the more strongly you’ll experience its effects!


  1. Find a comfortable, relaxing place where you’re not likely to be disturbed. 
  2. Sit and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for a few minutes. As your crystal singing bowl sounds, feel your body relax. (Make sure you have a bolster or meditation pillow  to lift your hips and allow your spine to be straight but your body relaxed.)

The more you can move attention to breath awareness, the more you can potentially release. When our hearts are closed and the body anxious, our breathing is shallow and constrained. So, make sure your chest is out, and allow your breathing to slow and deepen. It’s amazing what these seemingly simple changes can do to calm the mind. Feeling calm and safe in your space is also very important. So, especially if your meditation space also has other uses, it is important to cleanse the space before beginning, through your favorite energy clearing method, whether it be sage, palo santo, incense, aromatherapy, or sound.

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STEPS 1 & 2 (Follow the fundamental steps above.)

  1. Imagine that you’re  drawing a stream of soft white light of pure, unconditional love each time you circle the mallet around your crystal singing bowl. Find yourself sustaining the tone at a steady, calm pace as your breath syncs with your arm movement. Allow your hips to rotate with each circle around the bowl, syncing your body with the wave of the tone if it feels right for you. Take your time. The longer you focus on the sounds of the bowl, the more likely you will fall into a theta brainwave state. 
  2. Once you feel unwavering calm, allow the sound to take you to a beautiful place in nature that makes you feel safe and at peace. Inspire your senses to be awakened, as you focus on what you feel, smell, hear, and taste. Let the place to become vivid to your senses, and explore whatever feelings or visuals may arise.
  3. Once your 15 minutes are up, slowly begin to be aware of your body and waking reality. Give gratitude to your bowl for holding space for your peace. Remember that the feelings of peace that you created in your meditation are always within you and that you can always come back and tap into this inner strength. 

Sound is a medium for channeling energy, so the longer you continue playing the crystal singing bowl, the deeper and more easily your mind can stay in this meditation, and the more you will be able to feel the energy of flow and joy surging back to you, as you send it out with each rotation around the bowl. Bask in the energy of this meditation as long as feels right for you. 

Be sure to explore the combination of your favorite mantras or meditations with sustaining your G# crystal singing bowl. You will certainly find yourself amazed at how much sound can elevate your ability to relax and reintroduce peace into your body, as well as enhance your overall meditational experience.

If you bought your G# Singing Bowl from us, you know that it is made of 99.9% quartz crystal. Just like crystals, the more you meditate with it, the stronger your relationship with it. And the more powerful and easy it becomes to balance or charge your chakras with it.

If you want to learn more about how to create beautiful meditations with your singing bowls or other meditation instruments, or how sound can help your emotional well-being in other ways, sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for upcoming courses, workshops, and webinars! 

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