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Activate Your Crown Chakra With These 3 Sanskrit Mantras

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“The slower frequencies are dropping away to be replacd by the faster, higher, more refined frequencies that are part of the Energetic Evolution” ~Elaine Seiler, author of Multi-Dimentional You

Does chanting really help with activating Chakras?

Similar to tuning forks and crystal singing bowls, our vocal cords vibrate (quickly moving back and forth or up and down) as we chant or hum. This vibration or frequency that courses through our physical body creates a balancing energy at a cellular level. When that vibration is in tune with a particular chakra, anything that does not resonate will fall away. Practicing Vibrational Medicine through chanting creates a resonance which strengthens and clears energy to flow more freely.

When our energy is flowing properly, our immune system is strengthened. Vocal chanting is like taking a shot of vitamin C. This makes sense if you consider that everything is energy. Everything in the universe vibrates on some level including each chakra in your body. For the purpose of this article, we will concentrate on the crown chakra which vibrates higher than that of the other chakras at 480 Hz. This is important to know because the chants below also vibrate at that frequency. So let’s start chanting to activate and balance the crown chakra.


What is a Mantra?

Before we begin our chanting and energy work, it is important to understand what a mantra is. Simply stated it is one sound, phrase or tone that is repeated either silently or aloud. Traditionally, mantras are repeated 108 times; the use of mala beads can help you to keep track.

108 Mala chanting beads

Much like meditation or hypnosis, chanting gives the logical mind a rest. Chanting allows the subconscious more freedom to problem solve. The primal sound of the mantra brings balance to the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Chanting mantra is a powerful form of personal energy medicine. Chanting is perhaps the original form of sound healing and when used religiously, the results are astounding.

108 Mala chanting beads

Is my Crown Chakra imbalanced?

A deficient crown chakra often shows up in our lives as lifeless, sluggish energy or difficulty sleeping.  If on the other hand you are flighty, agitated, reactive and aggressive, there may be too much energy flow, or excessive energy related to the crown. Either way, both are signs of an imbalance in the crown chakra. Chanting is a great way to bring balance into the crown and enjoy more peace of mind.

How to begin chanting Mantra

To begin consider the mantras below or commonly known as seed sounds. We recommend allowing the mantra to find you. Which one resonantes with you, which one feels best to you?

  • Om (A-U-M) – Considered the first sound heard at the creation of the universe. Connects you to your higher self.
  • Ah – Mother of All
  • Shrim (pronounced: shreem) Opens the senses to beauty and happiness. Spiritual and physical health harmonize when chanting this mantra.
mala hand mudra

How to chant mantra

    1.  Find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed
    2.  Close your eyes and begin to become quiet within
    3.  Accept that thoughts are natural and think of them like clouds or balloons you can just let go of
    4. Set your intention for you chanting session
    5. Take a deep breath through the nose and slowly breathe out through the mouth -Repeat 3 times
    6. Breathe normally
    7. Begin your chant by starting on the first bead of the Mala
    8. Repeat the chant for 108 times slowly moving along the mala bead strand one at a time until you reach the beginning of the Mala again
    9. Repeat if you like or simply allow the vibration to settle
    10. Release all expectations of the chanting experience
    11. Repeat daily morning and night or as often as you enjoy
    12. Become a witness to the magic of mantra in your life
108 Mala chanting beads

Become a witness to your experience

The magic of mantra is at first subtle, however used consistently it is a very powerful tool for personal change and raising conciousness. Monitor your usage of Mantra, if you feel yourself very emotional then cut back on how often you are chanting to allow your spirit and subconcious time to process all the energy and old memories you are moving up and out. Learn more about sound healing and energy medicine here. Enjoy discovering the power of mantra chanting.

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