Energy – 3 Ways to Protect Yours

how to take care of energetic self

The ability to protect our personal energy field is important for all of us and especially crucial for those who are in a healing process or are super sensitive to people and surroundings. Just as we care for our physical bodies by getting enough exercise and sleep, and eating and drinking healthily, our energy body needs special attention. Here are three ways to help protect your energy.

1- Build a light-filled energetic structure around you
The minute you feel uncomfortable in a situation, with a person, or just particularly sensitive, it’s time to activate a protective cone, shield or bubble. Any one of those structures will do as you close your eyes, deepen your breathing and visualize a powerful white, pink or golden healing light completely surrounding your body and extending out a few inches beyond it. Keep your eyes closed until you feel yourself centered, happy and energized and can feel this light structure all around you and completely intact. Practice doing this until you can call it up at a moment’s notice.  

2- Affirm your positive boundaries
Putting physical and emotional boundaries in place in terms of interactions with others is important for psychological health. Similarly, setting and upholding boundaries with your energy is an extremely healthy thing to do. Surrounding yourself with positivity through affirmations is a powerful protective measure. Here are some energy-replenishing affirmations from medical intuitive and author Christine Northrup. Start your day with one or two or all of them and continue until they are in memory and using them is second nature. 

  • My energy is protected and is completely my own.
  • I am full of self-confidence, energy and joy.
  • I release all reactions and respond in my power.
  • My energy raises the vibration of the room, while keeping me protected and energized.

3- Get out the ‘psychic scissors’
If there is someone in your past or present who has draining effect on you then protect your energy by cutting the ‘cord of attachment.’ This is an energy structure between two people that causes patterns from the past to continue into the present. It isn’t necessarily bad, and we have them between most of the people in our lives. But certain attachments need to be cut – and you probably know which they are by the negativity they create. 

Sit quietly, breathe deeply and ask for your higher power or guides, or the energy of positivity, to help you find the psychic cord that connects you to this person. Visualize a pair of scissors (or a knife, pruning shears or whatever calls you). As you cut the cord at its far end (them) and beginning (you) release the other person with light and love. If you feel the attachment reconnect sooner or later, then repeat as much as you need to make the separation permanent. 

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