How Dolphins Use Sound As Language

Sound healing from dolphins

Can dolphins communicate through tomographic images using sound waves? If so, how are they helping quadriplegics and others regain more mobility? How do dolphins help change brain wave patterns and impact human’s health in positive ways? Are dolphins communicating with sound and vibration through geographic ley lines with psychics and intuitive? Jack Kassewitz researcher, scientist and author of, Speak Dolphin has collected data over many years with his organization and research team deciphering the Dolphin Code. His research supports that dolphins are doing all of this and more.

Dolphin Speak Jack Kassewitz

Dolphins Communicating with Man!

Sound in and of itself is a language that we as humans are just beginning to understand. Cymatics show us the secret code inside frequencies. The beauty of sound is on full display with stunning visual 3D imagery when frequencies are played through a Cymascope. What can dolphins teach us about sound and the information being sent within it?

Sound heals in mysterious ways and dolphins seem to know something we don’t quite fully understand yet. We invite you to take a deeper dive with dolphins and discover the fascinating world of Dolphin language this week. Natalie Brown of Sounds Heal Studio Podcast unravels some of the mysteries in her one on one interview with Jack Kassewitz below. Enjoy!

Jack Kassewitz on Sounds Heal Studio Podcast

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