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How To Choose the Right Crystal Singing Bowl for You

When choosing your first Quartz crystal singing bowl, you may find the seemingly endless amount of choices of sizes and notes a bit overwhelming. Also, the pressure of investment may hinder you in making a choice. We’ve gone through this process of making a decision on a crystal singing bowl with many.

With that being said, we wanted to take some time to help create a joyful experience for you as you choose your new Quartz crystal singing bowl.

We asked current President of the International Sound Healing Association, Don Reed Simmons, Sound Healer, Shaman and conscious-based business consultant what to look for when choosing a Quartz crystal singing bowl.

Watch and learn more below!

Since its inception in the 1970s, the Quartz crystal singing bowl has been a popular choice of vibrational therapy.

The Quartz crystal has an inherent structure that is similar to the crystalline structure of cells in the human body. When a Quartz crystal singing bowl is played, our bodies are naturally affected by the vibrations. When vibrations from an object match another’s natural vibration, a dramatic increase in amplitude occurs.

When the body experiences dis-ease, vibrational therapy may help create personal wellness, increase our vibration and induce more ease. Just as the Quartz crystal oscillator of a watch pulls the watch hands into continuous and relentless vibration to keep accurate time, the crystal singing bowl pulls our energy back into harmony to keep us healthy.

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it it nonetheless a living being.” – Nikola Tesla

So how do you choose the right singing bowl for you? The key to choosing the right singing bowl is to listen and feel. Simply listen to the tone of different crystal singing bowls. What tone most appeals to you? If you think you need a ‘F’ note, but your innate being really loves the tone of a ‘C’ note… Don’t argue. Let your body choose and trust its innate wisdom. Picking the tone is the very first step.

If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. 

– Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Cornell Cancer Center

For personal use, listening to the tone that appeals to you is paramount.

Let the bowl sing. Consider how it interacts with you energetically, emotionally and physically. Let your intuition guide you.

To begin, you can visit out shoppe and listen to short sound “bytes” of each bowl here. 

The sound clips will give you a sense of what tones appeal to you. You may also call or visit our store!

The OM Shoppe, is happy to play notes for you over the telephone and has an interactive play station within their showroom.

rubber mallet striker for crystal singing bowl

Once you experience a tone that energizes your emotional, physical and spiritual being, consider the size and weight of your perfect quartz singing bowl.

Are you going to be carrying it with you? You made be in need of a case. Is your energy drawn to lots of vibration? You may want a larger bowl.

At The OM Shoppe, we have found that frosted bowls may be the best singing bowls for beginners. Not only are they more easily played, they are durable and have a gorgeous quality of sound. Additionally, the inherent thicker wall of a frosted bowl promises the most vibration of any crystal singing bowl and can hold vibrations longer.

Sound healers and professional practitioners also report that certain notes correspond to particular chakras.

When it comes to size, frosted bowls produce strong, deeper tones. Larger frosted bowls can produce even longer vibrations than their smaller counterparts. If you love a lot of vibration, a large frosted bowl would be ideal for you.

Unless you will be playing your bowl with another instrument or with a chakra set, the pitch, frequency (Hz) and octave are not going to be a factor. However, if you are a professional musician or a sound practitioner than these qualities may be more important to you. Chakra sets are created to work harmonically together with pitch, octave, and frequency (Hz).

For beginners, it is only important to note that the crystal bowl will resonate with the part of you that connects to it and receives the vibrations.

As Don Reed Simmons explains, the larger the bowl, the bigger the commitment.

Your relationship with sound expands as you enter sound healing. You are responsible for the amount and quality of sound you put into our world. When you play your new crystal bowl, be aware of your intention while you play it. As your thoughts can affect your being, so can sound.

When choosing your first Quartz crystal singing bowl, trust your intuition and your body. Feel the sound of the quartz crystal singing bowl while it is played. It is the connection with your innate being and the tone of the bowl that will result in the right singing bowl for you. Take a deep breath and thank yourself for bringing more sound into this world.

The OM Shoppe features sound bytes of each quartz singing bowl note. Listen to each to get a feel for the tone, the volume and the amount of vibration.

The OM Shoppe also features chakra sets

You can also take a look at the accessories you may like for your new quartz crystal singing bowl.

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