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Himalayan Salt has so many uses!

Himalayan Salt is used in a variety of products, each with their own distinct benefits. It can be used for baths, in cooking, to improve respiratory health and more!

For bathing, Himalayan bath salt is stimulating for the body as it helps re-mineralize and detoxify. Himalayan salt baths are great for aches and pains and are also rejuvenating for the skin. Salt is also a natural antiseptic!

A Himalayan Salt Inhaler can be very beneficial for respiratory relief. People suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory system disorders have found that visits to the salt mines to inhale the salty air have brought amazing natural respiratory relief of asthma, sinusitis, breathlessness & bronchitis.

Himalayan Salt is also a healthy alternative to normal table salt for consumption. When common table salt is made, all of the other beneficial elements are chemically removed leaving only sodium chloride. Major salt producing companies also dry their salt in huge kilns with temperatures reaching 1,200 degrees F, which changes the salt’s chemical structure, which in turn adversely affects human and animal bodies, like a poison. Avoid common refined table salt.

Himalayan Salt, on the other hand, is revered by numerous international experts; cardiologists, neurologists, dietitians and researchers. While all food salt is 94-97% Natural sodium chloride, the difference comes from the mineral balance of the remaining 3-6 percent. Himalayan salt contains up to 84 trace minerals, including all those essential for good health and vitality.

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