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How to Decide? What Crystal Singing Bowl is Right for You?

So you’re going to get a singing crystal bowl

So you’re going to get a Crystal Singing Bowl. That is a great decision! Please don’t let the profusion of choices hold you back. That’s because while there can be a lot of factors to sort through, including bowl types, sizes, pitches and so on, it is true to say that you can’t go wrong.

Not only do all singing crystal bowls have a calming and healing effect on the body mind, but choosing one just because you like its sound, or even its look, will still lead you to the right one for you at this point in time. That said; here are some basic ways to sort through and choose your very own crystal singing bowl.  

First, there are three primary kinds of crystal bowls:

1- Frosted

Frosted bowls are large, white, and rough on the outside. Generally, the larger the bowl the lower the pitch and the greater the resonance (the ring lasts longer). If you are thinking you want to play crystal bowls for a room full of people (or if you like loud) frosted bowls will provide a full-bodied experience of sound.

2- Clear Bowls

Clear bowls are completely transparent and come in smaller sizes (5 to 8 inches in diameter) than frosted bowls. They also are not as loud, however they have a much longer sustain and a clearer tone. If you are playing bowls just for yourself or in an intimate setting, clear bowls would be a great option for you.

3- – Practitioner Bowls 

Practitioner Bowls (also called handle bowls) are clear bowls fused with a glass handle. This frees up the person using the bowl, allowing him or her to stand or sit or simply move about. Thus, they are called practitioner bowls because they can be moved along people’s bodies to work on specific healing locations.

Next, the tone, or tones of each crystal singing bowl can be factored into your decision making. Simply said, these vibratory tones correspond with our musical system of notes and octaves, and can further be matched with the seven primary tones of the chakras.

The most commonly used correspondence between musical notes and chakras is this: 

C Base
D Sacral
E Solar Plexus
F Heart
G Throat
A Third Eye
B Crown

Finally, once you know the note of the crystal singing bowl and what chakra it aligns with, it’s possible to match the healing you may want or need with the power or influence of that energy center in the body. To find out more about that check out the blog,

The Seven Primary Chakras here:

There are even more ways to parse apart and choose a crystal bowl, including considering other note correspondences, pitch accuracy and factoring in the diameters of bowls, but as already stated, you really can’t make a mistake. The bowl you choose will work how and where you need it. So enjoy!

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