Aromatherapy Sampler(s)

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The Aromatherapy Sampler contains : Ten 1-ml vials with the following essential oils:

Choose from the Organic Essential Oil Sample Pack or the Synergy Sample Pack.

Amrita means “Nectar of Immortality”

We carry only Premium Certified Organic Essential Ois, from plants grown in the right soil, in the proper climate, harvested carefully at the optimal time & distilled with knowledge and precision: to embody the soul of the plant. This ensures the essential oils are captured in the fullness and wholeness of their fragrance and therapeuatic potency.

The OM Shoppe carries Amrita Essential Oils because they are committed to supplying only such oils in which the whole value of the the plant is preserved.

Enjoy the benefits:

  • Pure, unadultarated, botanical, organic essential oils
  • Quality controlled for optimum therapeutic effect
  • Free of alcohol and toxi synthetic fragrances

These essential oils are all therapeutic grade.

THEOMSHOPPE CSB Aromatherapy Sampler(s)
Aromatherapy Sampler(s)