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Time to Let Go: 5 Vibrational Medicine Practices for the Waning Moon

Time to Let Go: 5 Vibrational Medicine Practices for the Waning Moon

Happy Full Moon, friends! The first Full Moon of the New Year has just graced us with its light, and now, begins the first waning moon of 2020. Energetically, it is prime time to let go! Sometimes, the best thing we can do to stay on track with our New Year’s resolutions is to make space in our mind, body, and spirit by releasing what no longer serves us.

And no, letting go is not always as easy as it sounds. We are creatures of routine, and naturally cling to memories, regrets, tension, and familiar habits, after all. Still, letting go of the burdens of the past can help us feel lighter, happier, and more at peace. What’s more, it can help us move on and create better habits for our best life! So, we’ve made a list of 5 vibrational medicine practices you can use to help you make way for the new (right in time for the waning moon). 


  1. Cleansing Rituals for You and Your Space

Before attempting to do any transformation or release work, it is important to clear your space and start with a fresh energetic palette. So, yes, cleaning is an essential vibrational medicine technique! Cleaning up the clutter around your home and workspace will help you be able to think clearly and explore your emotions and inner world without distraction. The process of going through and discarding what you don’t need and organizing everything else, can help you visually prepare for a mental state of letting go. 

It sounds much more special, and far less mundane, when we call it a “ritual.” Transforming an otherwise mundane task into something sacred and intentional can help you approach it with more awareness, deliberation, and intention. That awareness and intention can also help you to feel a sense of connectedness, grounding, and inner balance. (In a sense, a ritual can bring you back to the present moment, providing your mind with an active meditation. And as studies have shown, meditation helps to decrease how likely you will “get stuck” on any one simulus, allowing a cultivation of greater flow and increased calm (Buddha’s Brain: Neuroplasicity and Meditation). 

Wiping down your space with organic cleansing sprays will help get rid of dust and stagnant energy piling on surfaces. If your disinfectant sprays are made with essential oils, it can also offer the aroma benefit of those oils, making you feel a sense of renewal.

Other recommended elements of a cleansing ritual, besides discarding, organizing, and wiping down with essential oils include: 

clearing space books as 5 vibrational practices for the waning moon

  • Smudging: this can be done with sage, cedar, sweetgrass, copal, or palo santo. 
  • Burning incense: sage, frankincense, opal, are all available also as incense, but make sure to buy organic, and not to overpower the room with smoke. organic incense 5 vibrational practices for the waning moon
  • Aromatherapy: Diffusing therapeutic-grade essential oils can be transformative to your environment, evoking positive feelings and peaceful vibrations.  
  • Opening windows: Fresh air can be a powerful method to break up stagnant energy in a room. 
  • Light: Letting the sunshine in can also be an uplifting addition to your other cleansing choices!

2. Using Crystals to Clear and Recharge You and Your Space: 

Crystals are powerful avatars for grounding us, clearing space, and entraining our minds into more positive vibrations. Here are some of our favorite crystals for protecting space and letting go of harbored emotion are: 

black tourmaline as 5 vibrational practices for the waning moonBlack Tourmaline: This crystal absorbs any negative energies and provides protection for you and your space.

Amethyst: This crystal is often seen at the corner of crystal shops for its properties in dispelling negative energy in a space and keeping away the draining power of energy vampires. Amethyst’s energy is also usefully paired with the intention of letting go of old emotional baggage.

Aquamarine: This crystal works well with the throat chakra, the seat of your self-expression and authentic truth. This stone is also known for its aid in uprooting negative thoughts. 

amethyst as 5 vibrational practices for the waning moonSmoky quartz: This crystal works to clear your mind and help you make decisions that are not clouded by the past. It can be an aid in realigning your life.

Aragonite: This crystal can help calm overwhelming emotion in order to release stress, and dispel fear. Sometimes, just calming down is essential before being able to come to a point where you can let go.

Rose quartz: We have to include this crystal in the mix, because it has such a beautiful energy that aids with the intention of forgiveness, encouraging you to let go of past hurts. The answer to healing always starts with and comes back to love. 

3. Using Sound to Clear, Calm, & Let Go: 

Of course, we are huge proponents of sound therapy, so we recommend professional sound therapy instruments as easy-to-use and phenomenal tools for breaking up energy blockages. tingshas as 5 vibrational practices for the waning moon

Sound therapy tools we love for breaking up stagnant energy:

Tingsha bells: Ring them 1x or in a pattern of 3 before and after your meditation, affirmation, chan, or pronounced intention, and feel the energy change around you! 

Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls: Even one bowl played continuously lowers our brainwaves to a calmed state, and helps us focus on the intention we set.

Rainsticks: Let the beads fall back and forth in slow hypnotic strokes to calm your spirit, or shake them to clear the air in a space or your auric field.

Chimes: Gently allowing their beautiful overtones to permeate a room can transform your attitude, relax your body, and make a space feel more peaceful. (These can be different sizes and made of different metals, bamboo, or other materials, which affect the tones.)

While we do not currently offer them online, we also carry magical-sounding koshi chimes, ankle bells, and more at our physical location, so come on out and browse through to choose what resonates the best for you.

4. Meditation for Peace, Letting Go, & Building Better Habits

In his book, “Wise Mind, Open Mind,” Dr. Ron Alexander shows how meditation increases mental resilience and emotional intelligence. Meditation is probably one of the most important vibrational medicine tools at our daily disposal to reprogram our thought patterns, helping us cleanse our emotional sphere and adapt new ways of thinking that promote our inner peace. buddha statue as 5 vibrational practices for the waning moon

Meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety, increase mental clarity and focus, help lift the fog of depression, and train the brain into new thought patterns. The key is to build a consistent daily practice, even if it is only 10 minutes. If you have trouble shutting your mind off, try playing a crystal singing bowl while you focus on the breath. You’ll be amazed how much easier of a time you’ll have stilling those thoughts as the hypnotic vibrations put you into a light trance. It seems, after all, that you can definitely teach the brain new tricks, no matter what your age! We challenge you to start today, and see what happens! 

TIP #1: Make sure that you are physically comfortable during your meditation, so that you have less distractions. (Try our amazingly comfortable zafus to align your hips and back, and keep you from having pain or getting uncomfortable while you meditate.)  If noise is a possible distraction, wear headphones and listen to meditation music or binaural beats, or even a hypnosis or guided meditation that resonates with you. 

TIP #2: Focusing on the soul star chakra intention of releasing “old energetic patterns that may be holding you back from your happiness, peace, or soul purpose,” with your crystal singing bowl, can help anchor the feeling of release into your mindbody, and with consistent practice, you’ll be surprised at how much more easier letting go will seem! Find a free crystal singing bowl meditation for the soul star chakra on our Soul Star Chakra blog post.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl The OM Shoppe

5. Time for the Spa (because your spirit needs it!):

Taking care of yourself helps prime the brain to be ready to rid itself of old, unwanted patterns of thought. Sometimes, you just have to get to a better emotional disposition, before you’re ready to let go of those pesky negative thought patterns. So, go take care of your body, and watch your mind follow. A massage, sound bath, reflexology treatment, or even a swim at the beach to get those endorphins rushing in. 

If you live in the larger Sarasota area, you will want to check out our luxurious spa treatments at the OM Shoppe. Our practitioners have such beautiful, intentional energy and the treatments are divine. Just peek at our 5-star Google Reviews and see for yourself why our guests keep returning! You deserve to be one of our guests! Sign up for our treatments here: https://theomshoppeandspa.com/holistic-spa-services/

And don’t forget to browse through the rest of our shop, or if you can, come by our store and discover for yourself all the magical treasures we have to restore and revive your body, mind, and spirit. We hope that you have found inspiration here to help you release what you are no longer meant to hold on to. It is a new year, and time to turn over a new leaf. Let the past be an experience for growth, and embrace the beautiful, creative YOU without limitations!

If you found this article helpful, please consider sharing this blog post (or our shop site) with your friends and helping us raise vibrations in your community!

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4 thoughts on “Time to Let Go: 5 Vibrational Medicine Practices for the Waning Moon

  1. Joy Bush says:

    Hi Zooey, I love this post because it speaks about our cycles relative to mother earth cycles. The moon was so beautiful. Friday before coming to work (at a place I love by the way), I went to the beach and gazed at the moon and also vocalized. I feel like this internal sound, mantra is complementary to the vibrational medicine that comes from the outside in. Your Shamanic Sounds Journeys are so special. I am reminded that fear is a choice that I no longer want to make.

    • Zooey Seraphine says:

      Hi Joy,
      Thank you for reading! Yes, mantra is also an incredibly transformative resource of vibrational medicine/sound therapy, and so is vocal toning and even humming. The human voice is a powerful tool for embodiment, manifestation, and change! How beautiful that you got to experience the moon as you did before work. What an inspiration. And thank you for your word about our OM Sound Journeys. It is an honor to help facilitate them, and I’m only humbled by your openness to the energy that we are simply channels for. Much, much love!

  2. Felicia Blair says:

    Good Morning all,
    Where can I get a Crystal bowl Crystal mallet like the one pictured above?
    Do you sell them?
    I bought set of Crystal bowls from you a few years ago?
    Many blessings

    • Zooey Seraphine says:

      Hi Felicia,

      At this time, we do not sell them. These are the set of mallets we use during our sound journeys and sound bath meditations. However, we will be offering a variety of mallets (including some similar ones) soon, so please keep checking in with us as we upload many new products into our Tone & Vibe (sound therapy) department. Blessings and thank you for checking in with us!

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