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The Missing Piece to Continued Success: Celebrating You

Vibrational Medicine Tools for Cultivating Self-Love

Congratulations! You have made it through the 3rd week of 2020. You have overcome so many things in your life, and here you are, because of all you have embraced, learned, and chosen. Celebrating you in all your uniquely refreshing “you-ness” is often the missing piece to continued success. We push ourselves to a goal, and judge ourselves for all our mistakes along the way, but we don’t often celebrate the small win’s along the way that make the difference. Celebrating ourselves means holding compassion and context for our growth. It is an expression of self-love, and self-love is a necessary ingredient for personal development.  

Below, we will explore why celebrating you is necessary for you to continue accomplishing your goals. We’ll discuss how to let go of internal blocks to celebrating you. And finally, we’ll leave you with tools for cultivating self-love and reinforcing constructive thoughts and behaviors. 

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How does “Celebrating You” Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Accomplishing our goals requires a wave of constant motivation, inspiration, and passion. In order to continue striving for the things we wish in our lives, we must continue wanting to take the necessary steps. This desire is kindled with positive reinforcement. We often punish ourselves when we make mistakes. But this only leads to paralysis, fear, and a false representation of ourselves that over-exaggerates our weaknesses, struggles, and insecurities. 

Motivation can come in a more helpful way from celebrating ourselves– the small steps we are making every day, the actions that come more easily than they did before, and the shifts in our perspective. In essence, in celebrating ourselves, we become more aware of how we think about ourselves and how we talk to ourselves, and we encourage our thoughts to be more kind, compassionate, and encouraging. This helps us feel understood, empowered, and less resistant to change. 

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Letting Go

Last week, we talked about letting go. Well, celebrating you is an extension of letting go. Before you can celebrate you, you must first face and silence your inner critic– the negative self-talk, the part of you that constantly judges you and does not let you see your worth. But how do you silence something that has been a constant companion for so long? 

The key lies in stepping outside of ourselves and seeing from a different vantage point. When we wish to inspire our loved ones, we tend towards practicing compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and helping them see their strengths, progress, and skills. By celebrating the aspects of themselves they often overlook, they become aware of their capabilities. Acknowledging their capabilities can lead them to thinking in possibilities

With possibility thinking, weak moments are seen as opportunities or indicators of something your spirit needs, instead of failures. Possibility thinking enables us to stop judging based on a scale of perfection, and start realizing the real context of our behaviors. Because we are no longer making sweeping negative exaggerations, we can now start to see real, achievable steps towards our ultimate goal. And so, we can feel more empowered to continue our progress. 

Possibility thinking can be more powerful than positive thinking alone, as it allows us to keep our positivity realistic and find feasible options and opportunities in every situation. We are constantly misinterpreting the events in our lives based on the beliefs we have about ourselves (this is also called cognitive distortion). By lifting this fog of distorted, negative, and illogical assumptions about ourselves, we can begin thinking clearly and constructively about our lives. 

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There are many ways to help lift the fog, and many tools we can take from vibrational medicine therapy. But at the core, it all comes down to awareness of our self-talk and cultivating self-love. 1) What do we believe about ourselves and what are we telling ourselves about the events in our life? 2) If it were our best friend in our situation, how might we treat ourselves differently?

When we can still our mind, we can see more clearly. And then, we may reinforce the thoughts and behavior that are more loving and helpful. 

Stilling The Mind:

As we notice these thoughts, we become aware of how we are breathing and how our body feels, which brings us to slow down. Slowing down is a part of honoring and celebrating ourselves, and our needs. Our bodies need rest and stillness in order to be able to better process the events in our day and the thoughts in our mind. 

What tools do we have at our disposal to help us slow down? We look to our senses for answers. 


  • Humming or toning with a singing bowl can help lower our brainwaves into a more relaxed state. The process of inhaling through the nose and then humming can actually increase the amount of nitric oxide released upon exhaling, improving air flow and driving nitric oxide into the lower regions of the lungs which allows greater exchange of nitric oxide into the bloodstream and cells and oxygenates the blood. (Nitric oxide helps to relax the body, reduce inflammation, and even lower blood pressure.) Also, humming activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which lowers your heart rate and helps your body operate more smoothly. 

Any type of sound that is calming to us can help serve as a trigger to inspire our minds to come back to the moment before us. (One of my favorites, for instance, is the slow entrancing swooshing sounds of a rainstick. After flipping the rainstick a few times, I find myself instantly feeling my heightened emotions subside.)

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Aromatherapy can also help us calm down, by reminding us of our breath and helping remind our senses to be present in the here and now. When using therapeutic-grade essential oils, we are able to take in the transformative properties of the herb combinations we prefer. 

Tip: Drinking lavender tea can also be an effectively calming practice, combining the effect of the lavender aroma with the process of mindfulness in sipping the hot beverage. 

Cultivating Self-Love:

Once we can slow down and put a pause on our negative self-talk, we can begin to make small shifts into celebrating ourselves, instead of putting ourselves down. To celebrate ourselves, we must first see ourselves through the eyes of unconditional love and non-judgmental compassion. Treating ourselves as we would treat a loved one or best friend can help us step outside of ourselves. By seeing ourselves through the eyes of someone who loves us, we can begin to see the positive things we do and have done, and remember our strengths, creativity, and contributions. When we are reminded of all that we have accomplished, all the beauty within us, and all our abilities and potential, we are inspired to keep going. We suddenly see the long miles we have already traveled, and don’t view the road ahead as being so daunting. 

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Vibrational medicine tools to help reinforce this celebration of the self and cultivating self-love include:

Self-love Meditation: Once we have calmed the body, meditations to help evoke self-love can help us to view ourselves with compassion. In focusing on the feeling of self-love, this feeling can become strong within us and can be called upon in moments where our inner critic seems to be taking over. Crystal Singing Bowls can act as powerful anchors that can reinforce the feelings that we are seeking to cultivate in our meditation practice.

Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy can help to deprogram our negative thought patterns, and connect us with tools and resources for living the life we wish to live. A treatment with a certified professional can help you identify the blocks that are keeping you from self-love. Furthermore, you’ll receive compassionate guidance into authentically building a better relationship with yourself.

Self-Love Sound Journeys: Sound bath meditations, with a focus on self-love and facilitated by a trained practitioner, can be powerful for helping us create a feeling within of compassion towards ourselves. The more that we embody this state in meditation, the more that we can refer back to it, in moments of struggle. OM Sound Journeys can be especially transformative because of their powerful blend of hypnotherapy and sound therapy, and the fact that they include more than 50 sound therapy instruments to entrain your brainwaves into a state of calm and oneness, and 4 practitioners to work with clearing the energies that may be stuck in our energy bodies. Read more about them here

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Whatever ways you choose to help celebrate you, we encourage you to repeat them as often as possible. A daily routine allows their effects to become stronger. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you, as you continue on being the incredible one-of-a-kind you!

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