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How Tuning Forks Work in Sound Healing

quartz biofield tuning fork with wand at The OM Shoppe & SpaSound healing is on the rise and tuning forks are becoming more mainstream. One of the best examples is Maria Kondo the tidying expert who has brought much attention to tiny tuning forks as a way to clear spaces.

However, the history of tuning forks, the types of tuning forks and their applications in personal wellness, sound healing, music and the medical profession are vast. But besides helping you to clear the energy of a newly tidy space, how can tuning forks help you feel better & improve your personal wellbeing?

Read on to learn a little history of tuning forks, the different types of tuning forks and how to get started right away in a simple and effective way to help yourself and those you love with the pure tones and therapeutic benefits of using tuning forks.

How do I learn?

One of the best ways to learn about tuning forks and become a master practitioner is to take a course such as those from Eileen Mckusick a leader in the field of biofield tuning.

We also recommend the Academy of Sound Healing for a more in-depth dive into all things tuning forks. But when and where did tuning forks come into play and how do we know they are effective in helping us?

Your Electric Body with Eileen McKusick

Tuning forks have been around since 1711, yes that is a long time ago. They were originally invented by John Shore and it served as way to help him tune his trumpet and lute.

If you are a history buff or a Virgo, you can explore the origins of tuning forks and John Shore here. The sound healing, medical, scientific & musical communities are forever grateful to Mr. Shore for this evolutionary step in employing pure tones.

Relaxation Response Tuning Fork Set with four tuning forks at The Om Shoppe & Spa

What makes a tuning fork a tuning fork?

With so many new types and claims being made about their effectiveness and abilities, we are aiming to keep it simple and accessible to everyone to start benefiting from them right away.

Today tuning forks come in metal, typically aluminum or steel or quartz crystal. You will also see metal forks as weighted or unweighted. Simply stated weighted metal forks have balanced weights that allow for longer and stronger vibrations.

Typically, these forks are used on the body to send the tone and vibration directly into the body. Unweighted forks are used in a more auditory way and it is advised you have a basic understanding of musical intervals to properly work with them as a sound therapy instrument.

Ready to start tuning right now?

If you are ready to start tuning right away you can follow the step by step protocols that come with the relaxation set, delta set and earth toning set. The tuning fork sets offered at The OM Shoppe are made in the USA of the highest-grade metals and scientifically tested.

As a word of caution, be aware when buying from vendors who do not disclose the origins of the forks, as toxic metals can be hazardous. If it’s to cheap or to hyped up with promises of metaphysical delights, it’s probably a gimmick so be mindful when shopping.

Curated sets allow you to begin benefiting right away. If you plan to incorporate tuning forks or sound healing into a holistic practice, please complete a course such as those mentioned above.

close-up of large tuning fork rubber activator
Crystal Tuning Fork 5

Crystal tuning forks are another type of tuning fork that are very special. They range in size and pitch and when using the larger forks 15” or larger can be used both on and off the body. A good understanding of intervals is recommended if using more than one of these in an auditory manner.

Recently, Meinl has developed a lovely new tuning fork line corresponding to the frequencies of the planets. They are able to be used on the body and also provide auditory application. You may also see giant tuning forks being called tuning swords. They make for amazing Instagram photos.

What exactly do tuning forks help with?

If you have searched for tuning forks for sale, you will get a bevy of information to sort through. Yet most of us are searching to help ourselves feel better in some way be it spiritual enlightenment, emotional relief, or physical discomfort.

Research studies on tuning forks and the production of nitric oxide and brainwave entrainment point to the correlation of tuning fork therapy and the physiological reaction in the body. Sir Peter Guy Manners was perhaps the original pioneer of using Sound Therapy as a modality of healing. His research which you can learn more about here lead to the discovery of the specific vibration of each human organ.

You are not a piano, yet much like a piano you too can go out of tune. Tuning forks help to bring us back into harmonic resonance and allow our bodies to do what they often know how to do when we are in a more relaxed state of homeostasis and that is to heal themselves.
Specifically, intervals and tuning fork treatments and protocols developed by research pioneers in the field can target directly such issues as…

• Grief
• Deep Relaxation
• Digestive Imbalances
• Calming Anxiety
• Improving Sleep

This is not an extensive list yet an example of all that is possible when incorporating tuning forks into your personal wellness routine. Each of us can benefit greatly from deep and profound relaxation and at a minimum tuning forks provide that rather immediately especially with a little guidance such as the protocols that come with curated sets or with a few courses.

Happy tuning!

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