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Mothering Energies Come In Many Forms

What does it mean to become your own parent?

As we are developing in the womb we begin to connect energetically to our Mother’s energy. Perhaps even before we have begun our development in physical form we have a connection with our Mother’s energy or soul. Spiritually, the idea that we on a soul level choose our parents to play out a karmic pattern and give and receive soul lessons becomes more plausible as we age and mature both physically and emotionally.

Upon first hearing the idea that you pick your parents, an initial reaction may be quite varied depending on the circumstances of your upbringing. As we explored before, Mother’s Day can leave some feeling uneasy if the unconditional love and acceptance of a parent wasn’t available. Worse yet, for many who grew up with neglect, abuse and trauma reconciling all the hallmark imagery of Mother’s Day with their personal truth can be taxing at best.

So why would one soul choose to be brought into neglect and abuse and another into unconditional love and acceptance?

Spiritually speaking, perhaps it is in the end all about forgiveness. A recent Netflix documentary, “Cracked Up the Darrell Hammond Story” is an inside look at the recovery process through forgiveness and finding a way to practice self nurturing. You may know him from Saturday Night Live, but under all that amazing humor was his subconscious hard at work to help him survive unimaginable trauma. His is just one of thousands of stories of hidden trauma and abuse in the world. Recovering from abuse, negative core beliefs and neglect requires one to become their own inner parent.

The one thing all childhood abuse survivors have in common is a path to forgiveness quite often for themselves and the abuser. Negative core beliefs are passed down like a common cold. The way the abuser feels about themselves is how they treat the child. The subconscious begins to store these beliefs to avoid them in the future. Forgiveness and self acceptance breaks the cycle. To heal and find peace of mind, moving through forgiveness and beginning to love and accept yourself unconditionally restores your bodymind to a more peaceful state.

Psychoneuroimmunology shows us that forgiveness is a neurobiochemical process that involves our entire bodymind. Sound healing, hypnotherapy and somatic psychology techniques are the most impactful in removing these suppressed emotions out of our bodymind in a more permanent way. In essence, our body is our subconscious mind. Our inner dialogue, attitudes and self-talk create a neurochemical response within our entire being. Candice Pert, PhD lays out the science of emotions with her work Molecules of Emotions.

Learning to feed yourself emotionally perhaps is the karmic lesson, the soul lesson, the reason you decided to come here and do this and the reason you chose your parents? No one can say for certain, yet what we do know is the feeling of being loved, nurtured, adored, cared for, looked after, supported, encouraged and accepted just as you are is what everyone deeply needs from a Mother. Mothering energies show up in our lives in all forms, genders and even species. Who hasn’t felt more accepted and understood by an animal than a human at some point?

So maybe, you can remember the inner child within you and find a way to begin to become a parent to your own inner child. Showing thanks and appreciation for all the mothering energies in your life is what Mother’s Day is all about. Take a moment to consider who you think of when you think of feeling loved unconditionally. How will you celebrate those who have provided the much needed medicine of unconditional love to your inner child this year? Below are a few gift ideas to celebrate unconditional loving vibrations this Mother’s Day!

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